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Alumni Services for All Graduates

Graduates and alumni from Centre for Arts and Technology are always welcomed back. The hallways that you once roamed are still open for you whether or not you still study here. Your graduation is just another step to a successful career ahead; it won’t take you away from your beloved CAT community.

Student Services has many service offerings for CAT Alumni. We are happy to help you build a professional network through our school and give you resources on how to build your career. Whatever support you need, we will always try to help you to the best of our abilities.

Centre for Arts and Technology wants to maintain its connection with its graduates. There has always been an effort to keep Alums informed and engaged through our benefits, services and networking opportunities.

We take care of our graduates the way we take care of our current students. We will always hope to be a part of your journey towards a successful career. So, join our Alumni Network and visit our Alumni community on Facebook.

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Don’t forget to be a part of our Alumni community on Facebook.

Need copies of transcripts? Visit our Transcript Request page.

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