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CAT Alumni Christopher Mulder

Christopher Mulder

My favourite thing is to look back at myself during the school year. To see what has changed me to be who I am today. I was given confidence through effort and truly felt accomplished.

CAT Alumni Simarjot Kaur

Simarjot Kaur

I had a marvelous experience during my time as an International Student at Centre for Arts and Technology. Sometimes, students in other institutes do not get personal attention in improving their weaknesses, but at Centre for Arts and Technology, every …

Network Security Specialist Melissa Brooks | Centre for Arts and Technology

Melissa Brooks

My instructors gave me real-world advice and exercises to ensure I was prepared for the industry. Student Services has continued to support me in my career, even 4 years later! Everyone wants you to succeed!

Network Administrator Specialist Adam Marton Beke | Centre for Arts and Technology

Adam Marton Beke

At CAT, all courses in the NAS program are an introduction to Cisco, Microsoft and Linux technologies. They are predominantly aimed to give you a leg up on the IT industry. Before I enrolled into this program, I had no …

Network Security Specialist Ron Carlin | Centre for Arts and Technology

Ron Carlin

In late October 2007 I was biking to my nowhere job and I had an epiphany. Although I had a BA under my belt, I was going nowhere in my professional life. In fact, I was a call centre agent. …

Network Administrator Specialist Jeremy Race | Centre for Arts and Technology

Jeremy Race

I’ve always had a passion for network security and Centre for Arts and Technology helped turn that passion into a career. My instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. They all had real world experience that I was able to draw …