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Noah Gannon

Professional Filmmaking Alumni

For anyone pursuing or thinking of a career in the film industry/any media relations I would highly recommend the Centre For Arts and Technology. Not only does it give you a foot in the door with an industry built around connections but gives you access to resources such as instructors that currently work or have connections in the industry as well as equipment to hone your skills and give yourself a stepping stone once you graduate.

If you put in the effort, time, and energy you will find your time here quite rewarding. Take it from someone who went in expecting to be a director with zero business experience to coming out of the program, becoming a producer, and opening up a production company. Without the skills and lessons attained from the digital filmmaking program, this simply would not have been possible.

Listen to your instructors, heed their advice; yet experiment, be creative, be persistent, be kind. And you just might find yourself pretty well on your feet come graduation!