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Riley Gaboury

Professional Filmmaking Alumni

I’m Riley Gaboury, an independent writer, producer, and director, as well as Co-owner of 100P Film Studios in Kelowna B.C. I started CATO in September 2020 and graduated March of 2022. The Professional Filmmaking program helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I came to the school with a deep love of movies and an understanding of what I wanted to do in the industry. Victor Poirer, the department head of the program, is very understanding that not every role is for everyone and would push me into roles such as Directing and Producing because he knew it was what I wanted to do and where my skill set was at. This helped me gain confidence in these roles to the point where I know I can continue my career after Graduation. The greatest thing CATO gave me were my classmates. We realised very quickly that all of our goals were the same and within a matter of months we became inseparable. Out of the five of us, four now live together and we are all owners of our production company 100P Film studios that we fantasise about during our time at CATO. With the support from the school we were able to make two short films in our first year of graduation. CATO supplied the gear to make our passion projects achievable and has given us some of our biggest job opportunities leading to clients that we maintain relationships with. CATO gave me all the tools to pursue my dreams and the knowledge to continue on growing as an independent filmmaker.