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Zach Haight is smiling while wearing a black hoodie with a red logo. They are standing against a plain, light-colored wall, perhaps after a day at the Centre for Arts and Design.

Zach Haight

“I look back on my time at CATO not only as a valuable investment in my future from a career perspective, but a period of growth for me as a person.  I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t the easiest student to teach, but Randal Typusiak in student services, and the professors in the network security program not only never gave up on me but insisted that I would be able to accomplish what I needed to in order to be successful, and their confidence in me before I was able to see it in myself is something I will always be grateful for.  The foundations of networking, server operating system management, and the security focused concepts that were instilled in me during my tenure at CATO catapulted my career to where it is now. At this point, I have worked for the top security vendors in the world (Checkpoint Software technologies, palo alto networks, and currently Crowdstrike), along side some of the largest companies on the planet to effectively improve their overall security efficacy. (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, whole foods, Ring etc.). I implore anyone that has interest in the aforementioned concepts, or who is just generally interested in a career in cybersecurity to consider taking a short period of their life to participate in this program, it changed my life forever”