Animation | Faculty | Kelowna

Sean Ridgway | Department Head 

Graduating in 1992, Sean jumped right into animating and developing CD-Rom games for an independent video game company in Oakville, Ont.  In 1994 the attraction of the west coast and the burgeoning Vancouver animation industry led Sean to work at major pre-production houses in the Lower Mainland such as ‘Studio ‘B’ Productions’ and ‘Bardel Entertainment’ designing  on many television shows such as “The Magic School Bus”, and “Tales from the Cryptkeeper”.  In 1996 ‘Disney’ came to Vancouver and over the next 4 years Sean helped animate many feature-length projects including the award winning “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”. 

Always looking for a challenge and a chance to broaden his skills, Sean accepted a position as a computer graphic artist on the ‘NBA Live’ team at Electronic Arts Canada in Burnaby, BC.  

In 2000, Sean started his teaching career, joining the ‘Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound’ as an instructor while working full-time in the industry.  In 2002, Sean was offered the full-time position of Animation department head at the ‘Center for Arts and Technology’ in Fredericton, New Brunswick and decided to make the journey back east with his family.

Sean is back in BC and has been with the Centre for Arts and Technology for over 11 years in the role of Department Head and full time instructor.

To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST  with Sean on our Soundcloud Stream. 


Roland is a graduate of the 3D program at Cato.  He has been very active as a digital compositor, modeling and texture artist over the last several years.  He has worked for Lizard Brain Animation as a compositor and Unity Broadcasting as the lead model-maker as well as other graphic artist duties .  Further, he has several film credits as an animator, compositor and model-maker.  He is currently building the "Hero" model for a new Film.  Roland has also been instrumental as a teaching assistant, helping mold and motivate our graduate students.

To learn more about working in the Animation Industry, you can listen to our PODCAST  with Roland on our Soundcloud Stream. 

Michael Lewicki | Instructor

Michael is a digital 3D animator with a wide range of experience. From productions such as The Smurfs (2011) for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Escape From Plant Earth (2012) from Rainmaker, Splinter Cell:Blacklist from Waterproof Studios and is currently working on Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Elizabeth dykosky | instructor

Internationally Renowned Artist  and Art Instructor.

Elizabeth Dykosky’s work is unique and shows extraordinary colour use and remarkable talent wielding the brush or the pallet knife. Her work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the world, among others in Italy(Rome), Canada(Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Kelowna), the USA(Detroit), as well as the United Arab Emirates(Dubai and Salalah). Her paintings belong to the private collection of the Vatican, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and Shanfari Group of Companies in Salalah, UAE.

Her pieces capture the essence of the subject to a degree that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. 


Trent has always been into art since an early age and would always be drawing and always enjoyed video games. When he was 11 he discovered comics and wanted to be a comic artist. Trent moved to Kelowna to take fine arts and at the tender age of 20 started to color comics professionally.  In 2004 Trent enrolled in the 3D program at The Centre for Arts and Technology to pursue a career in the video game industry.  Trent broke into the video game industry as a freelance artist and for the last 5 years has been modeling and sculpting on high profile game projects for Art Bully Productions. In addition to his freelance work, Trent also developed his own game project entitled Galactic Boxing which is slated to be released at the end of summer 2015.  Instagram:Galacticboxing and Facebook: Galactic Boxing


Passionate about storytelling and gameplay experiences, Rachel Boyes has used art, comics and prototype scripting as her vehicle to create stories, comics and video games. When challenged to innovate her goal is to find creative and simple solutions.  At Disney's Club Penguin, Rachel concepted, illustrated, and constructed interactive sets for an ever changing Online World built with kids in mind. While working there, she worked on monthly game event projects that partnered with brands such as Disney’s Frozen, Star Wars, The Muppets, Pixar’s Inside Out and Monster’s University.  Rachel has created several short form comics printed in Crab Tank Ink's Tankadere Anthologies, and is currently working on an independant webcomic project.

brandon hodge | instructor

Brandon is a 2D animator that specializes in Flash animation. He has over 7 years of professional experience working on a multitude of Flash projects ranging from game development to production animation. Currently he’s working for Atomic Cartoons, through Yeti Farm Creative, on the production Rocket Monkeys.

tina siddiqui | instructor

Born and raised in Pakistan, Tina travelled within the country and overseas with her diplomat father.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, her artistic journey has been that of an explorer. She works in a variety of mediums, of which pastels are her medium of preference. Often enjoying an “explosion” of colours, Tina finds working with a limited palette equally thrilling. Light cascading over forms, natural or man-made, is the driving force that compels her to paint as she strives to capture a specific moment in time.

Portraits, figurative art and landscapes are the themes Tina is currently featuring in her paintings and pastels.

Since 1976, Tina has exhibited in group and solo shows in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Dubai. In 2004 she moved to Kelowna after a 13 year stay in Dubai. The Okanagan landscape has mesmerized her, compelling her to paint this area, which she says is a true labour of passion.

Kevin Kyle | instructor

Kevin has worked as a CG animator for nearly a decade in Vancouver, BC at studios such as Rainmaker Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment,  as well as having done several freelance projects. Kevin has worked on productions such as Max Steel: Monstrous Alliance, Nickelodeon's Monsters vs. Aliens, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, VeggieTales in the House, King Julian, and is currently the layout supervisor for Dreamwork's Puss in Boots tv series.  

Brad Sorochhka | Instructor

Brad is currently a 3d modeler at Disney Interactive and a gratuate of CATO. He has worked on 3d cartoons in the past that have aired on both YTV and Cartoon Network. Titles include Storm Hawks while working at Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Jeff boerboom - instructor

Jeff is currently a Senior Animator on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Bardel Entertainment. He has been in the industry for over 7 years working as a CG animator on shows such as League of Super Evil, Slugterra, Endangered Species, and Max Steel.