1. Animation Part Time Courses (2D and 3D)

Animation Part Time Courses (2D and 3D)

  1. Animation Part Time Courses (2D and 3D)

2D Animation & Digital Art Courses

Character Animation

This course is an introduction to the principles of animation and the application of structural drawing to 2D animation. Exercises on animation principles serve to build the animator’s vocabulary of motion and 2D drawing skills. – $199.00

Life Drawing

The human form has inspired generations of artists. Drawing from the human model is essential to understanding form, anatomy,
gesture, weight, and expression. These weekly life drawing sessions will enable students to render the human form accurately and improve current 2D and 3D skills. – $199.00

Introduction To Animation

This course studies a number of perspectives in order to establish a solid understanding of the 2D animation industry in a modern global economy for both the present and the future. This overview covers the history of animation, its changing cultural significance, major past and current players/influencers, types of animation (e.g., 2D, 3D, stop-motion, motion capture, etc.) and related technologies & industries (e.g., film, TV, games, Web, commercial art, technical animation, medical imaging, etc.). Also covered are types of jobs and salaries and current and future job markets. – $199.00

Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects (3D) Courses

3D Animation and Modelling

This course is designed to introduce the student to the various aspects of the 3D animation production pipeline. Students will learn to model, texture, light, animate, and render both characters and environments using Maya or an equivalent 3D software package. – $199.00

Digital Paint

Digital Paint is an introductory exploration of computer graphics as a technology and a creative medium. Through the use of the industry-standard software, Adobe Photoshop, students learn the fundamentals of working with raster editing software for digital graphics creation and image manipulation. – $199.00

Foundation of Art and Design

Students will learn the practical skills and knowledge that are the foundation of visual art. Students will learn by completing drawing assignments designed to isolate the concepts and skills discussed in class. There will be a strong emphasis on drawing from observation. – $199.00

Drawing for Animation Workshop

This course will introduce and reinforce drawing skills and give students a foundation in drawing that will prepare them for character design, environment design, storyboarding, classical animation, and pre-production artwork. Various drawing assignments will introduce students to one and two-point perspectives, volumes, textures, and line weight. The skills taught in DRAW will not only be put to use in future drawing courses but also serve as the foundation for 3D modeling projects and conceptual work for games and animated films. – $199.00

Production Techniques

Production Techniques will focus on how to create 30-second commercials and a one minute motion graphics music video from concept to the final spot. You will storyboard, scan, and edit your boards into an animatic. Create audio scratch tracks, shoot, digitize, and edit video while creating effects and graphics. You will work as a team creating these productions and understand how to mix and match software knowledge. This course is meant to mirror a ‘real world’ production environment. – $199.00

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