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“By pairing electronic music’s biggest hitmakers with fresh, developing creatives, Music Alliance Academy is driving great music to the forefront of the industry and opening doors for new talent. I think this pro/novice exchange is essential in the cultural development of dance music.”
Bright Lights
“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Digital Music Production course at CAT. As a DJ and producer, I have been in the industry for almost 30 years and in that time I have done multiple music and industry-related courses but I have to say that…
Fergie DJ
The best part about attending CATO was the teachers and admin. The darkest point in my career happened early on, and I went back to the school for support and help. I still get advice to this day. Hearing ugly stories from colleagues and their post-secondary institute experiences has really…
Harrison Garvin
, Alumni of 3D Animation
Sarah Kurz Website Avatar
I’ve been absolutely loving it, everyone at work is super awesome.  Thank you for following up with me to see how my start has been.  It’s wonderful to know how much the school supports us!
Sarah Kurz
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Camryn Laroche Website Avatar
I am loving it!  Thank you so much for recommending me and all your help throughout school, I’m having a blast!
Camryn Laroche
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Adam Kuraitis Website Avatar
It’s been really great getting to work with people who are as excited and interested in 2D animation as I am. Something that I can relate to from to my experience at CATO, where not just the students lived and breathed animation but the teachers did too.
Adam Kuraitis
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Iaroslav Vorobev Website Avatar
I am having a wonderful experience at Atomic Cartoons and I owe this all to the wonderful staff and friends at CATO. They provided me with all the necessary tools to enter the industry and start a successful career in animation, and I simply can’t thank them enough for that.
Iaroslav Vorobev
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
2D Animation Alumni Amanda Adams Headshot
My passion for art and animation brought me to Centre for Arts and Technology’s Animation program. With the guidance of my instructors I was able to create a number of works I am proud of. My days at CAT were always exciting because I was doing what I love, as…
Amanda Adams
, Alumni of 3D Animation
Your instructors are a great source of knowledge, but it’s up to you to seek out as much information from multiple sources. Be constantly curious, focus on continued growth, work hard and be kind!
Nathan Thomas
, Alumni of 3D Animation
“My time at Centre for Arts and Technology was not only an extensive source of information giving me an excellent head start in production but also an excellent tool, teaching me how to teach myself more advanced and complicated concepts and techniques.”
Aaron Zuber
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production

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