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Graduating the EPM course from CATO was the best move I could have made on my path. This course gave me the skills and real-life experience for everything from event planning and execution, to marketing and communications, to business management and creative application. Not only that, it boosted my sense…
Olivia Bourassa
, Alumni of Event Planning & Management
My favourite part about attending the school was the hands-on training that I experienced; we planned and executed three events, fundraising over $7000 for an animal sanctuary. I graduated with a diploma in Event & Promotions Management, and with my connections from Centre for Arts and Technology school, I was…
Morgan Cleveland
, Alumni of Event Planning & Management
I started right out of the gate with a job in the industry, through my Final Professional Development project and networking with my classes.
Selena Hrynuik
, Alumni of Event Planning & Management
The best part about attending CATO was the teachers and admin. The darkest point in my career happened early on, and I went back to the school for support and help. I still get advice to this day. Hearing ugly stories from colleagues and their post-secondary institute experiences has really…
Harrison Garvin
, Alumni of 3D Animation
Sarah Kurz Website Avatar
I’ve been absolutely loving it, everyone at work is super awesome.  Thank you for following up with me to see how my start has been.  It’s wonderful to know how much the school supports us!
Sarah Kurz
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Camryn Laroche Website Avatar
I am loving it!  Thank you so much for recommending me and all your help throughout school, I’m having a blast!
Camryn Laroche
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Adam Kuraitis Website Avatar
It’s been really great getting to work with people who are as excited and interested in 2D animation as I am. Something that I can relate to from to my experience at CATO, where not just the students lived and breathed animation but the teachers did too.
Adam Kuraitis
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
Iaroslav Vorobev Website Avatar
I am having a wonderful experience at Atomic Cartoons and I owe this all to the wonderful staff and friends at CATO. They provided me with all the necessary tools to enter the industry and start a successful career in animation, and I simply can’t thank them enough for that.
Iaroslav Vorobev
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
2D Animation Alumni Amanda Adams Headshot
My passion for art and animation brought me to Centre for Arts and Technology’s Animation program. With the guidance of my instructors I was able to create a number of works I am proud of. My days at CAT were always exciting because I was doing what I love, as…
Amanda Adams
, Alumni of 3D Animation
Your instructors are a great source of knowledge, but it’s up to you to seek out as much information from multiple sources. Be constantly curious, focus on continued growth, work hard and be kind!
Nathan Thomas
, Alumni of 3D Animation
“My time at Centre for Arts and Technology was not only an extensive source of information giving me an excellent head start in production but also an excellent tool, teaching me how to teach myself more advanced and complicated concepts and techniques.”
Aaron Zuber
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production
Attila Kovarcsik
“The best part of the Digital Filmmaking program at Centre for Arts and Technology was getting to learn from real film industry professionals. It helped me in every way to see what mistakes I should not make in real life in the industry. I didn’t get jobs immediately after graduation,…
Attila Kovarcsik
, Alumni of Digital Filmmaking
Trevor Snow
“Centre for Arts and Technology provided the facilities and instruction I needed to acquire a job in the ever changing world of audio/video. The instructors went “over and above” helping me gain the skills I needed to succeed and here I am a month before graduation with a full-time job…
Trevor Snow
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production
“I’m extremely happy that I took the VHA course and pursued a career in animal care. It has been a life-changing experience with lots of personal growth, and the knowledge I gained from this program has been essential in the field. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who…
Aleesha Leslie
, Alumni of Veterinary Hospital Assistant
“My instructors gave me real world advice and exercises to ensure I was prepared for the industry. Student Success has continued to support me in my career, even 4 years later! Everyone wants you to succeed!” – Melissa Brooks, Network Security Alumni
2D Animation Alumni Paul Moser Headshot
Choosing CATO for 2D Animation was one of the best decisions of my life. CATO motivated me and pushed my potential as an artist through fun but challenging assignments using all the latest software. I met all my best friends there, some incredibly gifted artists, and teachers I now call…
Paul Moser
, Alumni of 2D Animation & Digital Art
“Centre for Arts and Technology was a great hub for me to hone my audio skills, as well as realize what I wanted to do for my career. Since graduation, I have done work for FM Radio as a commercial producer, cut dialogue for major video game companies in Vancouver,…
Tyler Martens AKA Stickybuds
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production
Audio Engineering & Production Alumni Brandon Dorsey Headshot
“Centre for Arts and Technology has not only given me the skills and knowledge I need, but also shown me how to take what I’ve learned and produce a career in the Audio Industry. They also provided me with the time and facilities I needed to test my new abilities…
Brandon Dorsey
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production
“I really liked the diversity of places and teachers. We were in big studios, small studios, analogue, digital, etc. Now that I am graduated, I work as an audio director and as a freelance audio engineer in live and studio environments. I really like the flexibility that the industry offers.…
Kyle Andrus
, Alumni of Audio Engineering & Production
“I’ve worked on ‘TED Talks’, I was a video engineer for the ‘Oxford Stomp’ at the Calgary Stampede, and I was the handheld cameraman on ‘Siggraph 2018’ (biggest Tech conference in North America). I was also a key grip on ‘The Nature of Things’ with David Suzuki. CAT gave me…
Jordan Marlin
, Alumni of Digital Filmmaking
Digital Filmmaking Alumni Thomas Bowerbank Headshot
“Surround yourself with like minded people, lose the unnecessary distractions and be proactive, don’t wait for opportunities, make them. It won’t be easy and if it is it won’t last so work hard, it will pay off. Also don’t be scared to take a job or work on a film…
Thomas Bowerbank
, Alumni of Digital Filmmaking
Digital Photography Alumni Emily Cook Headshot
“After completing my first year in a Visual Arts program at [another university], I realized I needed something for focused on the field I wanted to study. After realizing that I had wanted to pursue a focused art genre such as photography I needed to find a program that specialized…
Emily Cook
, Alumni of Professional Photography
Graphic Design and Web Development Alumni Alanna O'Brien Headshot
“My overall experience at CATO was amazing. Everything from my peers to the curriculum to the teachers made my year and a half there an unforgettable experience. CATO offered me such a variety of skills that my resume stood out from other graphic designers. Never settle for just “good enough”…
Alanna O’Brien
, Alumni of Graphic & Digital Design, Graphic & Web Design
“CATO introduced me to so many amazing industry professionals from which I’ve learned so much from, those connections continue to be invaluable moving forward in my career”
Bethany Friesen
, Alumni of Interior Design
“CAT really pushes you to present your best work. It taught me to always keep reaching for more creative solutions, innovate with new materials and to put the clients’ needs above everything else.”
Cassidy Stober
, Alumni of Interior Design
Interior Design Alumni Nada Almessery Headshot
“Centre for Arts and Technology is the one place where you will actually get one-on-one time with your instructors. It’s the only place where everyone is there to help and make this the best experience possible. If I were to go back in time, I would totally do it all…
Nada Almessery
, Alumni of Interior Design
“I had a marvelous experience during my time as an International Student at Centre for Arts and Technology. Sometimes, students in other institutes do not get personal attention in improving their weaknesses, but at Centre for Arts and Technology, every staff member gives their full attention to the students and…
“At CAT, all courses in the NAS program are an introduction to Cisco, Microsoft and Linux technologies. They are predominantly aimed to give you a leg up on the IT industry. Before I enrolled into this program, I had no prior knowledge or experience with computers besides gaming. So, within…
“Take advantage of what the school offers you! You have so many people that want to make your experience a positive one and they all want to see you succeed. Never be scared to ask for help or direction! In my course specifically, the fact that the instructors are from…
Brittany Hartfelder
, Alumni of Veterinary Hospital Assistant
“I’ve always had a passion for network security and Centre for Arts and Technology helped turn that passion into a career. My instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. They all had real world experience that I was able to draw on to better my learning and understanding of the career…
Jeremy Race
, Alumni of Network Administrator Specialist
“In late October 2007 I was biking to my nowhere job and I had an epiphany. Although I had a BA under my belt, I was going nowhere in my professional life. In fact, I was a call centre agent. I knew something had to change, and after looking at…
Ron Carlin
, Alumni of Network Security Specialist
“Having teachers who currently work in the industry not only made the classes extremely relevant but also allowed us to form connections within the industry before leaving school.”
Chelsea Kuhn
, Alumni of 3D Animation
The 3D Animation courses gave me the tools and place to develop my skills and hone my creativity. The last year of my program also gave a strong feeling of what a real studio environment would function as, which I very much liked and put me at an advantage.
Devon James Watterston
, Alumni of 3D Animation
Graphic Design and Web Development Alumni Laura Rosset Headshot
“CAT connected me with lifelong friends and provided me with the technical skills that have allowed me to express my creativity professionally in an industry that I love. During my program, having the lab time during the day and at night helped me get all of my work done. I…
“I signed a contract for a full-time graphic design position before I had even graduated. I took on tutoring, and becoming a teaching assistant to the program, as well as took on many freelance projects. I am now in the work force doing what I love, and I have honestly…
Natasha Diiuorio
, Alumni of Graphic & Digital Design, Graphic & Web Design

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