Art School Reviews

Darcy Worth

Digital Filmmaking Grad

My favourite part of attending the Centre was the small class sizes. I got the opportunity to develop deep friendships with my professions, which has luckily turned into film work upon graduation.

Aside from getting a job at the Centre as a TA, the school has opened up opportunities for me to work on film productions around New Brunswick as well as doing work for production companies that do commercial/television work.

I would recommend that students take advantage of the availability of the Centre's equipment. Use it as much as you can and never be afraid to approach a teacher with questions. They're all very friendly and willing to help!

Morgan Cleveland

Event and Promotions Management Grad

The main reason I choose the Centre for Arts and Technology to further my skills in event planning was because they had a campus in Kelowna, BC, the program was only a year long, and what the program had to offer was fantastic.

My favourite part about attending the school was the hands on training that I experienced; we planned and executed three events, fundraising over $7000 for an animal sanctuary. In October of 2010, I graduated with a diploma in Event and Promotions Management, and with my connections from the Centre for Arts and Technology school, I was able to get a career in my field immediately after graduation, with Festivals Kelowna as their Program Coordinator.

The training I received from the Centre for Arts and Technology has given me the confidence to feel comfortable in taking any task that I am assigned.

Rob Romans

Graphic & Digital Media Design Grad

My name is Robert Romans, and I'm a recent graduate from the Graphic & Digital Media Design program at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax. I am pleased to say that the school and the teachers there were great.

They made 18 months seem like 18 weeks and lucky me landed a job within the first week out of school. New education, new career, new success.

Nathan Saunders

Network Security Specialist Grad

My advice to potential students is to keep learning everything you can. My background is that I am coming from the New Brunswick Community College system, and I saw a gap in my education in the area of security. So I used my Centre for Arts & Technology program to fill it in. In spite of being legally disabled, I don't let anything hold me back.

The truth is that in one of these programs, you will learn and continue to learn. I also learned a lot doing the Digital Bootcamps for Network Security and Audio Engineering.

"Possibilities are limitless if you're willing to fight for what could be yours."

Mica Knibbs

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

After working extensively in other fields, I wanted to be inspired by what I did for a living. With the support of my wife and family, I decided to go back to school and pursue a career in a creative field that had previously only been a hobby. Now I get to do the work I love, learn new skills every day, collaborate with people that inspire me, and create a business in an exciting field with no limits. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I really loved the instructors at the Centre. They all had industry experience and could teach us the hard skills to succeed in the business world. Anybody can come in and teach from a book, but our instructors throughout the program always offered more – they taught us how to succeed not only as a designer, but as a business-savvy designer - this made all the difference.

Job opportunities are definitely out there. You have to be willing to start out on a junior level and break into the industry that way, but once you gain experience and broaden your portfolio and network, work often tends to find you. Even in a bad economy, my freelance business went from start-up to thriving in under a year.

Dan Dunford

Animation Grad

The Centre for Arts and Technology has taught me the skills needed to succeed in today's very competitive digital arts industry. Learning from instructors, who are also industry professionals, has given me the knowledge and confidence to land an exciting career with Electronic Arts.

Jeremy Race

Network Security Specialist Grad

I've always had a passion for network security and the Centre for Arts and Technology helped turn that passion into a career. Working with students and instructors who were as passionate as me was an enjoyable experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.

My instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. They all had real world experience that I was able to draw on to better my learning and understanding of the career I was pursuing. Through the Centre for Arts and Technology, I was able to "network" with contacts who helped me to step up to my full potential. The instructors worked so hard at what they did; it was obvious they enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience to another generation.

The course material was at the cutting edge of the industry - learning both the old and new technology to be better prepared for whatever we may experience in the field. The course was challenging but well worth the effort!

Mike Hastings

Audio Engineering Grad

The Centre for Arts and Technology has provided me with an opportunity to further my passion for audio and music production. I really enjoyed my time at the school and I have learned a lot of interesting and important information relating to sound and music. I met a bunch of valuable industry contacts while enrolled in the program. Every teacher at the school is a studio owner or industry professional with plenty of experience in the field.

Throughout my time in the course I have had the opportunity to get hands on experience with professional equipment such as the Neve V3 recording console at The Sonic Temple and the Soundtracs DS-3 console in the school's studio. My own personal music productions have seen a significant increase in production value since my enrollment in the program. Before I even graduated the program, I had a paying job doing sound design and dialogue editing for a TV series . The Centre for Arts and Technology is a really fun place to learn and develop the skills required to work in the field of audio engineering.

Amanda Adams

Animation Grad

The Disney Guru. I've always been fascinated with animation. The first resume I wrote was to the Walt Disney Animation Studios when I was nine years old. Finally my passion for art and animation brought me to the Centre for Arts and Technology and the 3D Animation program. With the guidance of my instructors I was able to create a number of works I am proud of. My days at CATO were always exciting because I was doing what I love, as well as spending time with people who inspire me. I learned a lot and have fulfilled my childhood dream! I now work for the Walt Disney Company, working hard to one day reach my dream job as a Disney animator.

Nevin Styre

Digital Filmmaking Grad

My education at CAT opened the door to a professional world I never imagined being a part of. The knowledge I received laid the foundation for a fast developing career in video production, giving me access to all the latest tools that I could only dream of using.