Art School Reviews

Josh Bergen

Audio Engineering Grad

Taking Audio Engineering at the Centre for Arts and Technology was definitely worth my time and money. I felt all the instructors truly cared about my success and tried hard to prepare me for what I could expect after school. I feel confident in the skills I have learned during my time at CATO to succeed in my dream career.

Max Drinkwater

Audio Engineering Grad

Since Graduating from the Audio program at the Centre, I have worked full-time in the professional live production industry.

Working both as an audio engineer and later learning electrics and becoming a professional lighting technician, I have been lucky to work with many headlining acts: Buddy Guy, Loverboy, Sean Kingston, Collective soul, Chilliwack... just to name a few.

The creative environment at "CATO" helped me focus on my goals and find the right path in the industry for me, as well making life-long friends and contacts along the way.

Victoria Baptiste

Digital Filmmaking Grad

The Centre has been an important milestone in my career and although the experience was very challenging and I was pushed in ways I have never been pushed before, the outcome has been a very rewarding professional career in an area I am passionate about. I gained experience in all aspects of film production, was exposed to new mediums in areas directly and indirectly related to the film industry and made life long relationships with others who share a passion for the same things I do.

Troy Hill

Digital Photography Grad

I really enjoyed being a student at The Centre for Arts and Technology. I've always had passion and enthusiasm for photography and through the lessons I learned at CAT I've now developed that passion into a wonderful and rewarding career, even getting the chance to become a teacher myself. The lessons were challenging and incredibly informative, the instructors were very involved with the program and all that was put into it, and it was obvious that they enjoyed what they were doing.

My favourite parts of the program were when we got to spend time learning from the instructors through their own experience and knowledge. It really helps to know your learning from someone who is out in the industry and has up-to-date real world knowledge.

Phil Anger

Digital Filmmaking Grad

I never thought you could get away with getting a job out of something that you literally love. The Centre helped me to pursue a passion and provide me with the tools and the instructors to help me understand professional filmmaking. Although it is very hard work, the program is extremely rewarding and pushes you to move on and take on more in real life situations.

Drew Wilson

Digital Filmmaking Grad

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to attend the Centre for Arts and Technology. I entered their Digital Filmmaking program with little knowledge but with high expectations and I wasn't disappointed. The program itself was more than I ever expected.

The film department head, Thor Henrikson, eagerly helped me reach my goals and find the appropriate pathway to the career I have always wanted and now have (Editor: Best of Bull Run, Wild TV). With Thor's vast knowledge and skills of the film industry, along with the helpful staff and students, I would recommend the Centre for Arts and Technology to anyone looking to learn, have fun and meet amazingly talented people all in one place.

Employability is up and the Centre for Arts and Technology can help you find your career path. Pursue your passion in Digital Filmmaking; trust me it's worth it.

Brian Hesje

Animation Grad

I went into CAT with nothing but a love for video games, a mind that loved math and problem solving, and a knowledge on how to work a computer and that's it. No previous experience, no artistic talent and no idea what to expect. Upon graduation I had learnt that I had a particular talent for 3D animation as well as a love for 3D creating that I never knew existed. The system CAT has builds you from the ground up, allowing students new to this world to learn at a very fast pace and giving those who already have a background the chance to refine their skills further.

The teachers at CAT felt more like people sharing their wisdom as opposed to just people who lecture. With so many teachers being from the industry, they know what works and what doesn't due to real experience. Compared to what I have heard at other schools, CAT definitely has a phenomenal staff.

Don't be intimidated if you are not artistically gifted by those who are. My class had three students - myself included - who had no artistic background and through our teachers, our peers and a heaping amount of hard work we were able to gain the abilities to keep up and even catch some of our classmates talents in 2D and 3D.

Danielle Ryan

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

Two months after graduation, I was doing contract work for an advertising company in Calgary. From there, I continued to freelance and grow my portfolio. Six months after graduation, I was transferred from my job at Sport Chek to the Head Office to take on the role of National Training Support Specialist for E-Learning. It's challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. My job incorporates graphic design, computer programming, film, photography, layouts and so much more. I feel since my program developed us into well rounded artists, I am able to offer more to my company than just a graphic artist. I work every day doing almost everything I learned at CAT.

Industry never stops evolving, so instead of keeping up with the times and accepting change - be the change! Revolutionize your time spent at school and make your education there worthwhile! Make yourself stand out and be innovative in your thinking. It's worth it - having the opportunity to be creative every day in your job is incredibly rewarding!

Janell Alm

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

CAT connected me with lifelong friends and provided me with the technical skills that have allowed me to express my creativity professionally in an industry that I love. During my program, having the lab time during the day and at night helped me get all of my work done. I enjoyed all the late nights working with my friends and the bond that was created while working on projects.

I now work full time as a graphic designer but have worked on side projects as well. I've done graphics for the web, print, magazines (Zamoof Magazine), and branding (Youth Hockey) - all of those things I learned while I was in school. I would tell students considering the school that it is a lot of hard work, but that the end result is spectacular!

Nick Desert

Interior Design Grad

After attending an Interior Design session at Bootcamp, the Interior Design Department Head said that I had some real potential-that's when I started to look at Interior Design as a real option for me.

At the age of 21 and just over a year out of school I am beginning to earn some projects where I am taking on the Lead designer position. I have worked on a ski resort, a staff recreation space for a gaming company, and recently I took a fire damaged Ferrari and incorporated it into the design of a residential bar.

Although creating a really great portfolio is how you traditionally get a job in this industry, my practicum also helped; I just kept coming into the office long after the practicum was up and by the time they realized it, I was pretty much a part of the team.

This program is not about picking colours and fabrics. It's a serious design program with both technical and creative aspects that will push you in ways that you never imagined. If you want to be a designer you really need to be self driven and willing to sacrifice your blood, sweat, and tears to make it in the industry.