Art School Reviews

Andrea MacDonald

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

I first attended the annual Digital Bootcamp at CAT during my grade 12 year. During my time spent there, I decided that the GDD program would be fitting for the career path I wanted to take. I liked that the instructors were industry professionals. They had real world experience that they shared with us. They told us how important portfolio building was, how to have a great interview and that we'd need to network and make new connections with other people in the industry. Now I'm working at a media group, and getting to do a great mix of both Print and Web design.

Aside from the technical side of the program, I feel like I was well prepared to have a solid interview and I had good knowledge on the importance of networking and getting my name, and my work out into the world. I love that I get excited about what I'm going to be designing, whether it be personal or professional. It's a great feeling to be able to do what you actually want to be doing with your life! I thought about all my friends that were in University and having midterms, papers and classes that they didn't want to be in. I was happy that I was doing what I wanted to be doing. It was fun and educational at the same.

Jordan Roherty

Audio Engineering Grad

I have a passion for audio, especially music, and decided that I really could gain a lot by having a full understanding of how digital audio works and how it can be manipulated and perfected. The best part was the projects I got to work on, the feel of working at a professional recording studio, and the instructors. After I graduated, I continued doing both sound editing and musical composition for the New Brunswick Film Co-op. This led to me gaining a 6-week job doing location sound recording for Cinegraphe's feature-film 'Killing Ruth: The Snuff Dialogues'. I now work as a full-time sound designer and composer at Spielo Gaming in Moncton NB.

I now have an excellent understanding of the ins-and-outs involved with digital audio, and also preparing it with the highest quality for multimedia projects. I like the creativity of the industry, as well as being able to always do something different, while still remaining in familiar territory. Working with sound, there's nothing better than getting the sound design down perfectly for a game, and having other people really take notice and appreciate the effort you've put in to it all. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished, as well as what I'm still accomplishing.

Jason Thomas Brown

Network Security Specialist Grad

My favourite part of attending the Center for Arts and Technology was the environment of the school. It was different than most other schools and colleges and it really felt like you were part of the "family" so to speak. It was a very laid back learning environment that fit me perfectly!

The Network Security Specialist program is really in-depth and I guarantee you that people from other schools teaching Computer Science will be amazed, surprised and jealous when they hear what you have been covering in class. I had people that I knew taking a computer science programs somewhere else and in month six they were learning content that I had learned in week two, with less in-depth material!

I am currently the Network Administrator at the Halifax campus and I couldn't be happier with the position I got right out of school. I had a number of opportunities with other companies such as including Blackberry, RIM and Convergys.

Saad Al-Jadir

Events & Promotions Management Grad

I decided to go into the Events & Promotions Management program because I always had a natural passion for organizing small events among friends growing up, and had a desire to do bigger things.

Since graduating, I've started my own event production and promotion company, specializing in live music events. I've also gone more in-depth with some musicians themselves and taken on roles as talent manager and booking agent. My ultimate career goal is to overlook my own major festival or chain of festivals throughout the world.

The events industry is very competitive and requires a lot of patience and determination to succeed. My advice to future event planners is to be prepared to get out there and gain experience whenever you have the opportunity. You learn a lot in school, but it's important to gain practical knowledge by volunteering with events. This is also the easiest way to get your foot in the door and it gives you the opportunity to network with key influencers in the industry.

Brandon Dorsey

Audio Engineering Grad

The Centre for Arts and Technology has not only given me the skills and knowledge I need, but also shown me how to take what I've learned and produce a career in the Audio Industry. They also provided me with the time and facilities I needed to test my new abilities and gain the experience that is so crucial in this industry. During my time at CATO I worked for a local production company, worked on audio for local films, became the front of house tech for a local cafe, and had one of my compositions internationally recognized for a Lenovo product release.

The Centre for Arts and Technology showed me the door and how to turn the handle, but then it was up to me to open the door and run through it. I'm currently still quite busy with the jobs that I acquired while in school, and have plans to move to Vancouver to further pursue audio production for film, TV, and my own music.

Courtney Larkan

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

My favourite part about attending the Centre for Arts and Technology was being at a school with other students who had a common interest. I have always wanted to express myself with my design, and CATO offered me a great opportunity to do just that. Being exposed to both print and web design has given me a good grounding in the design world, and the school helped me to realize that you can take this career anywhere in the world. After graduating, it took me awhile for me to settle down into a job that fit my skills, and I am now working in marketing and design at STC in Vernon B.C.

You must be focused on the end goal; there is a lot of work to be done, but being focused really helps you get the most out of each class.

Jacques Desjardins

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

I chose Centre for Arts and Technology for the hands-on training combined with small classes. My favourite part about the program was the high level of engagement with instructors.

I started working as a web designer for an IT company. After some experience, I worked with a design and marketing agency until I finally took the leap to start my own business as an Internet Marketing Consultant - Flipside Marketing.

Centre for Arts and Technology gave me the confidence in my own ability to start a career doing something I love. There is a lot of competition and you always have to be a step ahead of industry trends. But if you love it, you'll stand out and find your own success.

Phil Cockayne

Animation Grad

I chose 3D Game Animation at the Centre for Arts and Technology because 3D animation and visual effects had been an interest for a long time, and after years spent in careers that were not my passion I decided to make a change. My favourite part was taking guidance from the instructors to learn new skills on my own and challenge myself.

I am currently developing 3D courseware for the Department of National Defense on an internship, contracting from home, and instructing at CAT.

This program not only helped me garner the skills I would need to be successful, but helped me to understand what to expect when I went into this unique industry. Everyday is an education. It sounds cliche but I literally learn something new everyday.

The instructors I had were great. They are your best resource. If you need to know something, they are there for you. The program is fun, and challenging. But in the end, it is definitely worth the challenge.

Justin Zubeck

Digital Filmmaking Grad

My favourite part about attending the Centre for Arts and Technology was that most, if not all, of our instructors were working or had worked in the film industry. While still in school, I worked on two feature films; the first as a Production Assistant on the Big Year, and the second as an assistant editor on Pressed. CATO definitely helped me have the drive and knowledge I needed to help obtain those positions. With the help of one instructor, I was lucky enough to get a job with Media Button, one of Kelowna's video production companies. I am currently running my own multimedia business with some family.

Some advice that I would give new students, make friends with students in the other departments,especially audio. They will turn your short films into so much more.

Tyler M. AKA Stickybuds

Audio Engineering Grad

Centre for Arts and Technology was a great hub for me to hone my audio skills, as well as realize what I wanted to do for my career. Since graduation, I have done work for FM Radio as a commercial producer, cut dialogue for major video game companies in Vancouver, released my own music and records on 14 different labels, and toured the world as a DJ / Producer.

You get out of the program what you put in; students that work the hardest and really dedicate themselves to their projects and school assignments will go the furthest. That is the kind of work ethic you need to really be successful in this field, or any field really.