Art School Reviews

Ian Macleod

Digital Filmmaking Grad

Filming was the ultimate experience at CAT, and together with other creative minds, we would form film crews and go out into the community to shoot. Working together on as many projects as possible was the real experience at CAT. You will get out of CAT what you put in, so give 100% every day - you will be so happy you did!

You get to work on many crews, getting experience in all positions; writing, directing, art direction, AD, producing, cinematography, gaffer, grip, PA, or editor. It is important to be well rounded on set and understand the crew as a whole so that you can do your job more effectively. You will work on crews of all sizes and smaller crews are expected to fill multiple roles and an understanding of each position gives you greater versatility on set. Above all, positivity and attitude will play the largest contribution to your success.

An instructor recommended me for a one night on call PA position on the film "Wind Chill". From my beginnings as PA, I have garnished further experience as Key PA, Assistant Director, Jib Operator, Art Department, Camera Assistant, Cable Puller and I am currently pitching a proposal for a new reality television series.

Eric Fox

Digital Photography Grad

I chose the Centre for Arts & Technology so I could explore different programs while studying photography. My favorite part about the program was the frequent location work. We would constantly be visiting different places for various photography jobs, allowing us to explore many different styles of shooting with and without studio lighting equipment. Since graduating, I've been teaching photography and stop motion animation. I've recently written photography basics articles for a local newspaper, instructed digital photography camps, and hosted photography seminars.

The photography program was great for demonstrating the many different career paths a student might take after graduating. By practicing different styles and meeting industry professionals, a student is able to discover what they truly love about their field. Since there are literally infinite possibilities with regards to digital imaging, photographers can demonstrate their own style in a way that is completely unique.

Benjamin Duncan

Graphic and Digital Media Design Grad

After graduating from the Graphic and Digital Media Design program, I got my start working at Red Cow Marketing as a graphic designer. Now I work as a graphic designer/web developer at Creative Juices. It's awesome work, fun and I learn something new every day.

I originally chose the Graphic and Digital Media Design program because it seemed to be an awesome learning environment with all the latest technology, with programs that I use every day in my job. I loved getting hands-on experience working on real world projects, and learning from instructors that have many years in the industry.

Don't just expect the school to give you everything you need, you also need to apply yourself, and even do projects outside of school so you can learn even more. Networking is also important in the design industry-I always try to get out and meet others in my field.

Just remember the simplest things you can do, can change your career around. I'm talking from experience-I got my current job just by slipping my business card under my new boss's windshield wiper!!

Tenille Turner

Veterinary Hospital Assistant Grad

I have always had a big heart for animals, so one day I decided to look up colleges that had animal care programs. I found the Centre, went in and talked to a Program Advisor, then soon realized it was exactly what I wanted to do. I was never interested in going to college, but taking care of animals is my passion so I felt I would do well as long as my heart was in it.

My favourite part about the program was definitely the hands-on learning. You really benefit from learning when you have an actual animal right there in front of you. Once I graduated, I moved to Vancouver and started working at a small clinic on Davies St downtown about a month later. I was there for a couple months until I moved onto a larger clinic that I’ve been working at for almost a year now.

I feel like the Centre was the first step on my journey to helping animals, and I’m still learning every day. I love what I do! I think helping animals is the best thing in the world! If you have a love for them like I do, then this program is for you. You really need to go into this career knowing it's something you love, and not give up. It’s challenging at times, but stick it out because in the end you will be doing something very rewarding - helping animals every day. Working in a clinic is a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I am so proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished and know this is what I want to do for life.

Corrine Watterston

Veterinary Hospital Assistant Grad

I’ve always wanted a career in Veterinary medicine and when I finally had the opportunity to go back to school, I jumped at the chance. The program has a good reputation, is offered close to home, and it was recommended to me by previous students.

The program was fun and challenging, completely preparing me for my new career. The information I learned was interesting and practical, I felt really well prepared when I first started working at a clinic, and I can honestly say that I use what was taught in the program on a daily basis.

I knew about halfway through the program that I wanted to go even further and inquired about taking the Animal Health Technician course through distance education. You have to be employed in a clinic to take it by distance ed, so the VHA program was the perfect stepping stone for me to gain employment in a clinic and enroll in the Technician program. I am currently working as a Veterinary Technician and receptionist in a busy veterinary hospital and almost finished my second year of the Animal Health Technician program.

I like being able to care for animals that need it. To ease their pain, to calm them when they’re scared, to know I was part of the process that helped to heal them. I like that I am always learning, and every day I see something new and intriguing.

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