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What is the CAT-BCIT Pathway?

Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) have partnered to create the CAT-BCIT Pathway: a cross-institutional agreement enabling CAT graduates entry into BCIT’s School of Business. If you complete the entire pathway you will have the opportunity to earn a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – programs that will open up more creative career opportunities and offer sooner career advancement.

Why Should I Take the CAT-BCIT Pathway?

CAT programs are hyper focused and provide the skills to pursue a creative career in digital arts and technology. The CAT-BCIT Pathway program gives you the additional skills and knowledge to diversify your career opportunities by fortifying your skills in business management, strategic and critical thinking.

In addition to the benefits predicted for domestic students, international CAT students will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity. After completing BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma or Bachelor of Business Administration, international students may apply for a post graduate work permit.

Who Qualifies for the CAT-BCIT Pathway?

CAT students and alumni who have graduated from the programs listed below.

Eligible CAT Programs:


Section 1 – CAT Program

You are focused on a creative industry and have a career path in mind. You have checked all the necessary admission requirements and have all your supporting documents in order. You are ready to enroll in one of CAT’s qualifying diploma programs. Upon completion of one of the qualifying programs, you may choose to enter the workforce directly or pursue further education through the CAT-BCIT Pathway program.

Section 2 – BCIT Advanced Diploma in Business Management

Upon completion of one of the qualifying CAT diploma programs, you are ready to fortify your business skills in BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

Section 3 – BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Optional)

After completing BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma you have the option to enroll in BCIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This degree program focuses on critical and strategic thinking and provides students the chance to be more prepared for diverse career opportunities and expedited advancement by honing the skills developed in your diploma programs at BCIT and CAT.

Enter the Workforce:

After completion of either a CAT diploma program or BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma, you can enter the workforce in a variety of creative careers. Please note: International Students are eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit upon completion of BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

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