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Apr 10, 2012

Animation Launch Pad: Kelowna, BC

Click here to learn more about Animation Launch Pad.

If you’ve ever wondered  about a career in animation, here’s your chance to find out! We’re excited to tell you that this summer we’ll be hosting an 8 week Animation Launch Pad program. This hands-on program is a great way to grow your artistic abilities, learn the foundations of animation, and decide if you want to pursue your future in animation and digital art. It will also serve as a “taster” for our longer Animation  program, Animation for Game, Film, & Visual Effects.

What will you learn? The Animation Launch Pad program has a maximum of 18 students per course and is taught by Disney-trained animators, Sean Ridgway and Norm Roen. Courses include:

  • Character Creation and Storytelling
  • Visual Design and Composition
  • Animation for Cartoons
  • Flash Computer Animation

Visit our Animation Program page or call us at 1-866-860-2787 to learn more today!



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