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Mar 20, 2012

Mentored Film Shoot: Behind the Scenes

New on our YouTube channel – this video captures a behind-the-scenes look at a mentored film shoot shot at our Kelowna campus this year.

Digital Filmmaking department head and organizer of the shoot, Graham Cairns, explained that the mentored shoot is something he likes to do early on in the program. He invites industry professionals to the shoot, who help “teach” the students by “doing.” Each professional has a specific role on the crew, and students learn directly from the them by shadowing each different role on set.

This, says Graham, helps students learn firsthand all the different positions on a film crew. “Filmmaking is organized chaos. Multiple departments need to work together and learn to work in harmony for a shoot to be successful. Everyone has a role on a crew, and that’s what helps a shoot run seamlessly. Doing the mentored film shoot early in their training, students can confidently approach their own individual student films with a better idea of how to run a set, and what each crew member needs to do on set.”

Take a look behind the scenes!

A special thanks to everyone involved in the shoot, including industry mentors Wendy Ord (Director), Kelly Veltri (Director of Photography), Graham Cairns (1st Assistant Director, Kelowna Digital Filmmaking department head), Rob McDonagh (Lead Audio), and Andres Nino (Key Grip).

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