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May 10, 2017

From the corporate boardroom to center stage: Success coach Matt Stewart shines at TedX Talk.

Matt Stewart is known for helping our students reach their own dreams, but he recently traveled all the way down to South Carolina to live one of his own. Matt has worked on Olympic committees, the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, lived in the Australian Outback and even shaped minds in Japan. He has also trained leaders of industry and members of global finance, witnessed Billion, yes Billion, dollar deals, and has even met people like Warren Buffet. But even with all these amazing experiences he had always wanted to do a Ted Talk. Recently he lived that dream.

Joining the stage with many unique and talented luminaries like professor Dr. Tim Evans, psychologist Dr. Julie Wayne, biologist Dr. John Quinn, and talented Opera performer Kirsten Murdaugh (among others), Matteo was in great company as he delivered an inspiring and authentic talk about success and how his Leukemia diagnosis shaped his life and his work.

He also opened up about how in some of his darkest times after being diagnosed with incurable Cancer, Ted Talks became a very positive and inspirational tool in his life. Ted Talks were instrumental in bringing forth the idea to incorporate executive-level coaching, to the post-secondary environment. That is part of what led Matteo out of the 1st class seats and fancy corporate offices into a more modest, but satisfying one, at our school. His no nonsense, Socratic approach, has become an integral part of our education process.

The Student Success department is one of the many areas that we are very proud about having here at the Centre for Arts and Technology. Often confused with guidance counseling, Success Coaching is much different. Both Guidance Counselors and Success Coaches have their place (and we definitely have both) but Success Coaching has quite a different mindset and it goes much, much deeper. It is about asking the right questions so that the student arrives at their own truth from within and then training them how to remove the obstacles that they face professionally after graduating.

We have two dedicated professional Success Coaches, Matt Stewart and Trisha Miltimore, whose entire job is to help our graduates rise above the challenges of the real world to reach the success and happiness that they deserve faster.

Trisha and Matteo teach things like goal setting and career management. They also instill important practical skills like how to stand out from other job applicants, how to conduct yourself at interviews, how to network, and much more. Every single student that comes through our door has the opportunity to be part of this vital process, setting them far apart from their competition.

Matteo's valuable coaching has forever helped so many people and we are so grateful that he was able to inspire even more people by participating in the Tedx talk at Furman University. If you would like to see the bearded man in action click the link below to hear about his journey and his method.

His TEDx Talk is called “How We Are Preparing The Next Generation” - and can be viewed online on Youtube