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May 20, 2016
On January 19th, 2016, Centre for Arts and Technology had a guest lecturer.  Mr. Don Parker, who was visiting from the University of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom, came to our school as a way to say hello to their now-sister school.  He visited The Centre for a few hours, talked to our Graphic Design and Web Development students and then was whisked away on an airplane to...
Apr 14, 2016
No one said the road to becoming a professional digital filmmaker was an easy one; like many other arts-based careers, it takes dedication, commitment, drive and above all passion. Passion to make you get up early in the morning when the light is just right for shooting, passion to push you onward when film school gets tough, passion to look away when doubters tell you that you will never make it...
Feb 3, 2016
Ingrid Uhrich is a Fashion Design and Merchandising Instructor at Centre for Arts and Technology and she has recently started a 180 Day Challenge.  What is the challenge?  To wear the same dress, yes the same dress, for 180 days straight.  Why would she do such a thing, you might ask?  Well, we let her answer this question in her own words... CAT:What's your name?My name...
Feb 3, 2016
And who can nominate people?  You can!  You don’t have to be an expert, or have gone to an art school… it’s all up to you!You can nominate someone in the community, who resides in the Central Okanagan, for awards in such disciplines as:- Visual Arts (2D / 3D: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, digital)- Music (singing, songwriting, performance (in a...
Aug 26, 2015
We like to think our Instructors are a pretty cool bunch, but we love when we get the chance to prove it! Recently, one of primary Digital Photography Instructors, Grant Robinson attended Crankworx Whistler, as an avid “all things MTB” professional photographer and participated in a truly unique photo challenge at this internationally acclaimed MTB event – Deep Summer Photo Challenge.Grant was...
Jul 28, 2015
Every year Centre for Arts and Technology’s Graduating Animation Students travel from Kelowna to Vancouver to tour Animation Studios.  This annual trip is a fundamental part of building and maintaining industry relationships to help CAT student’s transition into the workforce.Sean Ridgway, Centre for Arts and Technology Animation Department Head in Kelowna describes the importance of these...
Mar 31, 2015
A recap of all the fun and interactive learning at Digital Bootcamp 2015!
Mar 10, 2015
Centre for Arts and Technology is excited to have K-Town Pizzeria present our Music @ Lunch Series!  Starting this Wednesday March 11th K-Town Pizzeria will be our sponsor for our Music @ Lunch Series.  Not only will we be hosting an Alumni Special -  A Acoustic Duo "Alyssa & Nathan" as our performers but because of this new partnership with K-Town Pizzeria... there wiil be...
Jan 16, 2015
The staff at Centre for Arts and Technology love the opportunity to work together as a team and our first-ever “Enrollment Expo” was definitely a team initiative. From planning to execution, this event needed attention from nearly all of our departments; Marketing, Finance, Admissions and Education worked together to put on this informative evening for individuals who are interested in exploring...
Dec 17, 2014
It is no secret that video games are no longer just for the stereotypical socially awkward nerd in Mother’s basement, but are you aware just how entrenched this multi-billion dollar industry is into Canadian culture? Centre for Arts and Technology- Animation School decided to put together an infographic to better illustrate the impact this massive industry has on our fair nation.Some of the...