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2018-03-26 to 2018-03-29
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Jul 11, 2016
Centre for Arts and Technology is a place of learning, exploration, diversity and creativity. What better way to show you than through some student features? Over the coming weeks and months, we will be featuring some outstanding students and the creative work they are producing! Starting with the Digital Photography department’s senior students, you will have the opportunity to get to know some...
Aug 26, 2015
We like to think our Instructors are a pretty cool bunch, but we love when we get the chance to prove it! Recently, one of primary Digital Photography Instructors, Grant Robinson attended Crankworx Whistler, as an avid “all things MTB” professional photographer and participated in a truly unique photo challenge at this internationally acclaimed MTB event – Deep Summer Photo Challenge.Grant was...
Aug 19, 2014
The music has come and gone, the food trucks are all packed up and the field has been cleaned of leftover debris. As the last day of The Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival comes to an end, the students and staff present at the festival are left with a feeling of accomplishment. This weekend was truly an opportunity for the students to transition from pupils to professionals, and it was a...
Aug 16, 2014
Phew! So we all survived Day 1 and have now moved on to Day 2. Day 2 brings new artists, new guests on the festival grounds, and many new challenges for the students. It has been a wonderful and valuable education experience for them, allowing them to discern the difference between their skills on campus and how they translate to the outside world. And so without further adieu... more from the...
Aug 15, 2014
Well as promised we are here at Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival. We travelled from Kelowna by school bus, towing our gear trailer behind! Below you will see a series of mini blogs from the first day on site. All of these images are courtesy of our digital photography students who have been working hard behind the scenes. First up, Kaila Wirth:Having the opportunity to photograph the...
Jun 4, 2014
Is union the future of cinematography and photography?Back in 1839 Louis Daguerre brought photography to the world with his dream of capturing   fragments of time caught and held on the surface of silver plated copper. His invention changed the way we perceive ourselves and the world we live in by recording reality in perpetuity in the shape of a Daguerreotype.Just over fifty years...
Mar 26, 2014
As another quarter comes to completion, it means that it’s time to say farewell to our graduating class of digital photographers. When the last group graduated, our department head; Kevin Trowbridge conceived a contest that would provide a creative outlet for our grads to celebrate their achievements throughout their 12 month program. Presenting the “Photathalon”!  Well, we are pleased to...
Mar 18, 2014
The Centre for Arts and Technology's six Digital Photography students are graduating, and are holding a launch and release of their new photography brandsand businesses. These six photographers all hold a very different and personal style that they are looking forward to debuting to the world as they graduate. The styles of photography differ so here is a little bit about each photographer:...
Feb 7, 2014
Last but not least, we have come to week 4 of our Lightroom workshop blog series… where has the time gone? This week we will take a quick look at the remaining modules in Lightroom 5:
Feb 7, 2014
Emily Cook graduated from the Digital Photography Program at Centre for Arts and Technology’s Kelowna Campus in September 2012.