1. Books and Supplies FAQ’S

Books and Supplies FAQ’S

  1. Books and Supplies FAQ’S

Is it more or less expensive to purchase books and supplies from the Centre?

It may be slightly more expensive or less expensive to allow the Centre to purchase books and supplies on your behalf. This is because of the amount of hours required to purchase, organize, and supply the books to you. The Centre does its best to keep textbooks and supply costs to a minimum for all programs.

Can I buy half my books and supplies myself and then let the school buy the other half?

No. The Centre does not have a bookstore, so it is not feasible to purchase books and supplies piecemeal.

If I choose to let the Centre purchase my books for me, can I change my mind at a later date?

Yes. However, a 15% administrative fee would be applied to the refund balance.

If I decide to purchase the books myself, can I change my mind at a later date?

Yes. However additional administrative fees and shipping would be applied to the purchase amount. You might also not receive your materials on time.

Do I have to pay more money for books and supplies than what’s in my current contract?

No. In your current contract there is an amount that covers the mandatory books and supplies for the program. Should you continue to allow the Centre to purchase books and supplies on your behalf, your contract amount remains the same. Please note: in some programs you may need to purchase more supplies than what was given to you by the Centre as every student uses materials at different rates.

Are the books and supplies easily and readily available at bookstores in Kelowna?

No. The Centre purchases books and supplies from a number of different sources including education suppliers, online suppliers, and manufacturers. It is unlikely that bookstores in Kelowna will have all the books in stock, let alone the quantities required to fulfill the needs of an entire school cohort. If you choose to source the books yourself, you will need to do so swiftly to have the resource available in time for classes.

If I choose to buy the books and supplies myself, should I buy everything on the list now?

You need to buy the necessary books and supplies for your first semester ONLY, and then purchase semester by semester after that.  You will be provided with a list before you start your program of study and you will be notified if there are any changes as your program progresses.

Are the books and supplies all available in Canada?

No. The Centre sources its books from all over North America.

What happens if I don’t bring or purchase a book or supply items for my class?

As of week two of your class, you may not be able to attend unless you show proof that you have ordered the necessary book or supply item(s). Your chance of successfully completing the course greatly diminishes without the necessary materials. In some classes it will be impossible to even take part without the materials.

Can I buy used books?

Yes. As long as the book you buy is the correct edition, used books are acceptable.

Can I buy older versions of books?

No. You must have the correct edition of a book for your classes. Please note: Some classes require new copies of textbooks as the new copy will include a code that is needed for class activities and used copies will not have this code.

Can I buy/use books of the same edition from my friends that have taken the same program before?


If I choose to buy the books and supplies myself, can I buy some of them from the school at a later date?

No. Unfortunately the Centre does not have a bookstore on site.

What if I purchased the wrong version or edition of a specific book?

You will need to purchase the correct version to attend class.

What if I run out of a supply in the middle of a class and I have not purchased the supply originally through the school? Will I have to then leave the class to purchase that supply?

This could happen depending on the class. Please come prepared at all times, whether we supply the materials, or you purchase them on your own.

If I already have a payment plan set up with the school and I wish to choose the option of purchasing books and supplies myself, will I have to redo my payment plan?

Yes. You’ll need to book an appointment with financial services and redo your payment plan, which may include creating a new set of postdated cheques.

Can the school help me source books for purchase?

No. Unfortunately the Centre does not have resources in place to source books for each student individually. You will need to source books through traditional methods on your own.

I do not have a credit card. Can the school purchase the books on my behalf?

Yes. Simply choose the option that has the Centre purchase books and supplies on your behalf. 

What happens if my books are on backorder or I receive my books late?

The Centre will treat this on a case-by-case basis; however, if the book or supply is received late because of not ordering early enough, you may be prevented from successfully completing the class.

How far in advance should I order my books?

In order to avoid delays, you should always order your books and supplies as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that you must still order them quarter by quarter, as textbook editions change and the Centre adopts the most recent and relevant version of the textbook.  Note: Even though the Centre orders the needed books and supplies well in advance, sometimes items may be on backorder with the supplier. We do our best to get them to you ASAP.

If I order my books and/or supplies online what are some of the pros and cons?

Ordering books and/or supplies online can be very effective. The thing to remember is that most items are shipped by courier to your residence and if you’re not home at the time that the item arrives you will need to pick it up at an alternate location. Items never tend to arrive all at once. Please make sure you list the proper receiving address, especially for students moving to Kelowna.

Who should I contact if I change my mind about purchasing my textbooks and supplies myself or having the Centre purchase them for me?

If you change your mind about buying books & supplies either through the school or on your own you will need to contact the Education Administrative Assistant in the Scheduling Office. You will also need to speak with someone in Financial Services as there will be changes to your payment plan.

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