Digital Bootcamp

Summer Digital Bootcamp 2019

UPDATE: 6/14/2019 – Registrations for Summer Animation Digital Bootcamp 2019 are now closed. Registrations for Spring 2020 Digital Bootcamp will open on September 3rd 2019. 

UPDATE: 5/8/2019 – We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a 2019 Summer Animation Digital Bootcamp at both our Kelowna and Surrey campuses! This Summer Bootcamp will take place from July 2nd to 5th. Registrations are now open, see below for digital brochure. Please register via the form below.

No push-ups, no obstacle course, just pure awesomeness. Want to find out more about your career in digital arts and entertainment? This multi-day, jam-packed adventure is a combination of education and hands-on experience for those in grade 10,11, and 12 with a passion for the digital arts. (Please note, as this is a Summer camp, please select the grade you are going in to in the fall, ie. grade 10 if you have just finished grade 9. Also, recently graduated high school students are welcome to attend, please select grade 12 as your grade.) Students will take part in a designated Bootcamp mission that will allow students to test-drive the digital arts program of their choice. Bootcamp is truly a not-to-be-missed hands-on learning experience that could lead to your dream career.


1. You will work individually, or as a team, to create a portfolio piece with other students who share your passion and interests.

2. You will experience an education that is an essential part of career planning for professions in the digital arts and entertainment industry.

3. You will increase your employability skills by experiencing an industry-like setting working with professionals, staff, and other students.

4. You will learn about industry standards that include software, equipment, and best practices.

5. You might be eligible to use the hours gained from attending Bootcamp towards your high school work experience hours. Subject to your high school’s requirements, check with your guidance counselor today!


1. You are not in grade 10,11, or 12.

2. You were recently involved in a laboratory experiment, giving you superhuman powers and your new destiny is to fight evil wherever it may lurk.

3. You are a vampire. Bootcamp takes place during the day which means you will either be sleeping or sparkling like a thousand diamonds. Both unacceptable.

4. You…are…ummm… There are no other reasons!

So, you’ve read the above and are ready to embark on your digital arts mission. Follow the steps below to register:

  1. Read through the Summer Animation Bootcamp brochure.
  2. Register via the form below. You will receive a confirmation of registration. Please note, registration is not considered complete until payment has been received. (NOTE: Registrations for Summer 2019 Animation Digital Bootcamp are now closed).