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Animation, Graphic Design & Web Development, and Audio Engineering students from our Halifax campus have been working tirelessly over the last few months in partnership with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage. Students collaborated with museum officials to produce an original exhibit exploring the history of the Halifax-based cable ships Mackay-Bennett and Minia, which were the first two ships chartered to recover victims after the sinking of the Titanic.

The exhibit, entitled Cable Ships: Connecting Halifax to Titanic and the World, runs from April 12th until November 4th, making it the longest temporary showing in the museum’s history. It is shown in conjunction with the permanent exhibit Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax.

For generations, Halifax was home to a fleet of daring and dauntless ships that helped build the world’s first “World Wide Web” – what could be coined the “Victorian Internet”. Students from the Centre’s Audio Engineering, Graphic and Digital Media Design, and Animation programs teamed up to create display materials that will allow visitors to discover the technology used for this trans-Atlantic communication through undersea telegraph cables.

Our Halifax campus served as a production facility for the project. “You couldn’t dream of a better opportunity as a student,” said Evan Madinsky, an Animation student who worked on the project. “It was amazing to see what students from other programs at our school bring to collaborations like this. It shows why we come here, and our training is on display in a very public exhibit for the next six months.”

“What a great opportunity for our students to have the chance to showcase some pretty amazing work for the next six months to a global audience,” said Breandan McGrath, National Animation Program Manager at the school. “We’re proud to have created something that thousands of people from around the world can come and experience. It’s a perfect marriage of past and present, and we’re very grateful for this collaboration. The opportunity to work on the 100th anniversary of such a major event doesn’t come along very often.”

Visit the museum’s website more information about the exhibit, which will be open Tuesdays-Sundays until November.

Can’t make it to Halifax to see the exhibit? You can check out the animated video created by the students:

Photos from the opening day press conference:

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