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Halifax Animation instructor – and national animation program manager – Breandan McGrath, recently put together a compilation of student work from the fall 2011 quarter at our Halifax campus. Check out the resulting demo reel below!



About Breandan McGrath | National Program Manager | Halifax Instructor

Breandan has worked extensively in the entertainment industry. He has brought his 3D animation skills to the big screen on numerous occasions working with Disney on films such as Beauty and the Beast, and Dr. Doolittle, as well as with 20th Century Fox on Night at the Museum. He also worked with IMAX to create the first 3D stereoscopic opening title sequence in 1996 and on the stereoscopic version of Happy Feet in 1996. He has acted as Producer, Production Manager, Animation Studio Manager and 3D Animator at various studios including Salter Street Films and Wingit Productions.

Breandan started at the Centre for Arts and Technology in 2006. Not only does Breandan teach how to create 3D characters, but he is also a character himself! He brings life to the Centre for Arts and Technology campus through his witty humour and prankster attitude. He is extremely dedicated to his students and uses his industry knowledge to promote fast paced learning and produce high caliber demo reels, suited for the ever evolving 3D entertainment industry.

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