Audio Engineering Alumni Justin Gaudreault Finds Success in Halifax

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Audio Engineering alumni Justin Gaudreault had taken his music career as far as he could on his own before deciding to enroll at the Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT). “I enrolled into the Audio program as a DJ and self-taught music producer, “says Gaudreault, AES, producer, engineer, sound designer, lab instructor for CAT, and entrepreneur and owner of JG-Audio.  AEP Grad Justin Gaudreault

“I was looking to gain the needed skills to make my career in music, but once I actually started classes I realized that there were many areas of the audio industry that I have never thought of like music for film, sound design, post production audio for film and more.”

Since graduating from CAT, Gaudreault has worked hard to create a successful name for himself in the Halifax music scene and is also a lab instructor at CAT. CAT’s Audio Engineering and Production program offered Gaudreault a chance to gain more knowledge needed for the entire audio field, not just music production and felt it was more personalized and well-rounded than what other schools covered.

 “The knowledge I now possess has prepared me for the field and I am more confident in my abilities with the training I’ve received at CAT,” says Gaudreault. For more information about the audio engineering and production program, visit digitalartschool.com/halifax/audio-engineering-production. 

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