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Looking forward to spring break? So are we. Each year during spring break we host a Digital Bootcamp at each of our three campuses, with multi-day courses that introduce you to the industry, the tools, the techniques and the products of the digital arts. Our Audio Engineering “missions” last year were very popular and we’re looking forward to hosting more this year! To find out which missions are happening at each campus, and to find out how you can register, visit the 2012 Digital Bootcamp page on our website.

You can also see what it’s all about on our Digital Bootcamp YouTube page, and check out some of the audio mission photos from last year, below!

arun-chaosphere-zuber-schools-dub chilling-in-the-production-studio dance-off-event-night3 dbc-2011-dance-party dbc-2011-jeff-studio-a dj-c-fal-dbc-event-night
djs-event-night group-john-wilson group-johns-class-guest-speaker-dub-ae-grad-arun-zuber listening-to-tunes mic reflection
songwriters songwriters3 storytelling studio-a-with-dean-and-brandon harmony2 mic_0
tracking-vocals-in-studio-a dbc-2011-dj-night-4 dbc-2011-djn-group-3 dsc_4908 dsc_5077 dsc_5078

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