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Is it your dream to be a Music Producer…a Sound Designer…a DJ? To work in audio in film, television, games, media, live productions? We’re super excited to tell you that we’re now offering three different program options in our Audio department! 

Not only have we updated our 18 month Audio Engineering & Production program (formerly Audio Engineering), but we’ve designed two new audio programs, perfect if you want to specialize in electronic music or studio production.

You have more choice than ever to prepare for your career in audio – these programs are offered in Kelowna, Fredericton, and Halifax:

Audio Engineering & Production Advanced Diploma

This 18 month advanced audio program develops a broad range of skills for maximizing the potential of employment success in audio production including: live sound, music for TV and film, and game audio. You’ll gain experience in advanced music production, post-production, engineering, mixing, mastering, composition, and applied acoustics. Learn more.

Electronic Music Production Diploma

The 12 month Electronic Music Production program focuses on computer-based audio software and hardware instead of the conventional use of studio production facilities. The program equips graduates with relevant skills that can be applied to audiovisual and multimedia production, game audio, MIDI programming, live sound, assistant engineering, music and sound design, music composition for TV commercials, and much more. Learn more.

Studio Production Diploma

The 12 month Studio Production program allows students to learn and gain experience in high-end dedicated studios. The program concentrates on audio engineering for all applications including music, theatre, concerts, broadcasting, Internet, gaming, video, and film, using the latest hardware and software in a professional studio environment. This unique program provides training for the full gamut of studio production work by combining extensive practical experience with high-end custom facilities and equipment. Learn more.

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