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Welcome to the brand new blog for the Audio Engineering program at Centre for Arts and Technology! We’ll be using this blog to post news about student events, videos, program news, audio engineering tips, tricks, and new technology, career ideas, and more.

About the Program

The Audio Engineering diploma program is offered on campus in Kelowna, Fredericton & Halifax. In the program, we develop the complete person, not just the artist, so practice and integration are emphasized along with technical expertise, multimedia training and project management, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. The program prepares you for an audio career in only 21 months, after which you`ll enter the workforce armed with a tool box full of industry know-how and real world experience!

Graduates are prepared for employment in music engineering/producing, audio-post, editing, ADR and Foley, sound design, audio for interactive multimedia and other emerging technologies, audio for game production, location audio, live sound reinforcement, and home-based or independent audio production.

For information on the program, check out the “Contact Us” page on the top navigation. Share your details and we’ll get in contact with you with more information on the program and careers in audio engineering!

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