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Ever wonder how graphic design and web development types like yourself network? Where do they go? What do they do? The answer is simple: Digital Okanagan.Digital Okanagan

Okanagan Tech Community Events is a group formed by Digital Okanagan which brings together like minded techies in various social environments, giving them the chance to chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of their favorite draft.

Some of the events include:

  •  #Geekbeers an evening meeting which is held the first and third Wednesday of each month at 4:30 pm at Doc Willoughby’s Pub. Tweet up #geekbeers while having a casual brew with friends.
  • The @UXBreakfast a weekly discussion group whose goal is to build positive user experiences and explore user centred design driven approaches.
  • Startup Weekend a weekend where like-minded entrepreneurs gather to exchange ideas, feedback and guidance.
  • MAD Nights (formally OKDG) a monthly meeting hosted to bring together Tech and Design professionals with backgrounds ranging from graphic design to project managers. This event is put on in hopes of getting people together to network and share ideas.
  • Hack Night (#HackNightKL) an evening where tech industry professionals come together to form a quick project. Participants range from designers to developers and everything in between.

    Digital Okanagan Board of Directors

To learn more about these great events and how you can take part, visit Digital Okanagan.

About Digital Okanagan

Digital Okanagan is a community of creators, inventors and conversationalists who are passionate about the interactive market.

Photo: A few members of the Digital Okanagan Board of Directors (L-R:  Daryl Chymko, Mica Knibbs, Cynthia Gunsinger, Brent Lachman. Missing from photo: Shane Austin Dennis Powers & Jessika VonInnerebner).

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