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Jean Rooney, Graphic Design & Web Development department head and instructor at our Fredericton campus, will be showing her artwork on display as part of the Hot Pop Soup: Neo-Pop Trends in Contemporary New Brunswick Art at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton.  The exhibit, which runs from April 26 to June 10, explores a “renewal of interest in the Pop Art movement of the 1950s and 1960s as manifested in the recent work of New Brunswick artists.” Ten artists are featured in the exhibit, which will transform the gallery’s lower-level contemporary space into a nostalgic environment of acid wash colours, psychedelia, and pop culture with a Maritime twist.

The gallery described, “These artists recycle or repurpose retro subjects and/or styles from a twentieth-century post-WWII period preoccupied with the pursuit of materialism, or employ imagery culled from present-day’s supersaturated, mass-media, consumerist environment. Sponsored by K2 Impressions Inc., the exhibition highlights the complexity and interconnectedness between art and popular culture.

Check it out at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery lower level, 703 Queen Street, New Brunswick.

In the News

On March 17, The Daily Gleaner featured an article about Jean, her family, her accomplishments and devotion to the arts in Canada. On top of her responsibilities as a wife, mother, department head, and artist, for the last two years Jean has been a part of the Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick, helping organize the Fredericton St. Patrick’s Day parade and stage performances as a fundraiser for Easter Seals New Brunswick. Our hat’s are off to you, Jean!

About Jean Rooney

Jean Rooney hails from Dublin, Ireland. She was educated in Europe and received a Degree in Printmaking from The National College of Art and Design, Ireland and holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin University. With over 18 years experience in Art & Design, Jean is a successful practicing visual artist and Director of the French Lake Print Studios. Her work is held in both national and international collections. She is a recipient of the Dakota Printmaking Award, Arts Council of Ireland Award, and Arts Council of Northern Ireland sponsorship grant. Her work has also won the Ronodomondo Multimedia Award.

With over 10 years of teaching experience as an Art and Design Educator, Jean has taught at the National College of Art and Design, the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and the Dublin Institute of Technology, all in Ireland. Jean’s practice is a uniquely constructed fusion of approaches and imagery. Her work combines the handmade and indulgent marks of traditional drawing with new design technology. Her projects have involved multimedia design, development, mural painting and photography.

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