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Four of our second year Interior Design students took advantage of a great opportunity when they were invited to the Association of Registered Interior Designers of New Brunswick (ARIDNB)/ Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) Design Exchange and Tabletop show in Stanhope, PEI.

Fredericton Interior Design program students Abby Burgess, Ashley Girard, Ben Irvine, and Rachael Quackenbush took part in the day full of lunch networking, discussion sessions, captivating presentations, seminars, and exhibitors. To finish off the evening they spent the evening socializing with association members from across the Maritimes, to which they represented the school very well and will be back for the following year’s Design Exchange.

Highlights included:

  • An update on changes to the National Building Code and the effect on interior spaces
  • A seminar on emerging trends in sustainability in design (A Path to Sustainability – Emerging Trends in Green Design)
  • A Design Exchange “table top” trade show with exhibitors to showcase all the latest in products
  • A dinner (with keynote speakers) and networking opportunity for all the attendees

The students had an amazing time, and got more than what they had expected. Notes were taken on the great lectures that were given, with the benefiting factor that the presenters informed them of many subjects that go along with their existing projects. They are excited to make great use of the networking from this event in their coming years after graduation!

Fredericton Interior Design Training Program ARIDNB/IDCLEARN MORE: Interior Design training programs offered in Fredericton, NB, and Kelowna, BC. Contact us to learn more!

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