Fredericton Interior Design Students Explore New York City for Design Inspiration

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After fundraising for several months, Joslin Miller and Rachael Quackenbush, Interior Design students from the Fredericton campus, set out to take their learning to the next level and traveled to New York for a week.

Rachael said “It was a great opportunity to enhance our hands-on learning experience at the Centre and travel to capture historical and modern design and architecture to help create future design ideas”.

They visited locations such as the Guggenheim, Ellis Island, Museum of Natural History, and The Museum of Modern Art. By visiting these locations plus several others, as well as observing landmarks from the street, they gained a more tangible understanding of how these magnificent structures and their complexity helped direct social patterns, trends, and intercultural communication.

John Geldart, Fredericton’s Interior Design department head, commented, “Travel is essential for a designer to expose themselves to other cultures, societies, and urban environments – which is a very important part of a design education”.

Here are some of the inspirational photos they captured in New York:

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