CCNA – Certified Cisco Network Associate – Kelowna BC

Learn and discover everything you need to know about network security from the Centre for Arts and Technology and upon completion of our program, you will be eligible to become a Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA). The original CCNA certification, now referred to as CCNA Routing and Switching, is a certification program for entry-level network specialists that substantiates the ability to install, operate, configure and troubleshoot small to medium-sized routed and switched networks. The CCNA Certification program requires candidates to have a strong understanding of:

  • Connecting to WAN
  • Implementing Network Security
  • Network Types
  • Network Media
  • Routing and Switching Fundamentals
  • The TCP/IP and OSI models
  • IP Addressing
  • WAN Technologies
  • Operating and Configuring IOS Device
  • Extending Switched Network with VLANs
  • Determining IP Routes
  • Managing IP Traffic with Access Lists
  • Establish Point-to-point Connections
  • Establishing Frame Relay Connections
The 12-month Network Administrator Specialist (NAS) program offered at Centre for Arts and Technology will equip students with all the necessary tools and knowledge to start a career path in the constantly evolving Information Technology (IT) industry. We also offer an advanced *Network Security Professional  (NSP) program where students can achieve various industry certifications in just 6 months.
* Pre-requisite: One-year relevant industry experience NAS diploma
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