College Prep Plus Programs

Centre for Arts and Technology is now offering College Prep Plus Programs for international and domestic students where English is the second language who have an IELTS Band of 5.5. Selected programs (listed below), will now feature one optional, additional semester, prior to the official program start date and will provide a blended learning experience of intensive English and program specific classes.

This unique semester has been designed so that each student receives an introduction into college life, a preview of industry specific classes, as well as the opportunity to bring their IELTS score up to Band 6.0. Starting every July, College Prep Plus provides a smoother transition for ESL students into Centre for Arts and Technology’s full-time programs.

Eligible Programs:

Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects

2D Animation & Digital Art

Interior Design 

Digital Photography 

Graphic Design & Web Development 

Graphic Digital Design

Events Promotion & Management 

Network Administrator Specialist

Network Security Specialist