Courses – Web & Mobile Application Development

CSP Client-Side Programming

SSP Server-Side Programming

WAP Web Application Programming

PD 1 Professional Development 1

PLAPI Programming Language: APIs

PLADV Programming Language: Advanced

PD 2 Professional Development 2

IOSD IOS Design with Sketch

IOSP IOS Prototyping with Xcode

IOSAD 1 IOS Application Development 1 using Swift

IOSAD 2 IOS Application Development 2 using Swift

PD 3 Professional Development 3

Client-Side Programming (CSP)

Client-Side Programming is a module that will teach students the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, the building blocks of Internet, HTTP, publishing.

Server-Side Programming (SSP)

Fundamentals of server side scripting and database design are taught and applied to practical web design examples. This course introduces students to PHP, MySQL, and explores the ability to relay content from a database to a browser, giving students a foundation for future programming courses.

Web Application Programming (WAP)

This course is focused on JavaScript programming for the web.  JavaScript is one of the leading languages in the creation of dynamic web pages.  Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to grasp more complex programming patterns found in AJAX theory, covered in future courses.

Professional Development Program

PD is a specially developed course to help our students navigate college and prepare them for today’s highly competitive job market.  It recognizes that employers today are looking for employees who not only have the technical skills but also an understanding of themselves and the ability to interact successfully with others. With CAT programs being accelerated we want to ensure each individual is prepared to enter the job market and to thrive in their place of employment. PD is meant to be practical to each student and what is learned can be directly applied to the real world. PD helps students to foster positive, healthy relationships – both personal and professional.  PD encourages students to make connections – in their school, and in their industry.  PD gives students the most up-to-date skills to find and secure a job and gives them the knowledge and tools to advance in their career.


Professional Development 1 (PD 1) – Success in College

Success in College is the first module of the Professional Development Program series. It is designed to introduce students to foundational skills and competences necessary to be successful in college. Utilizing a variety of resources students develop the self-awareness necessary for success in the program and career being pursued.


Professional Development 2 (PD 2) – Success in Teams

Success in Teams is the second module of the Professional Development Program. This module focuses on developing interpersonal skills for effective team membership. These competencies are essential to success in college and career. A variety of exercises uncover effective communication strategies to be practiced in a collaborative final project.


Professional Development 3 (PD 3) – Success in Networking

Success in Networking is the third module of the Professional Development Program. This module focuses on developing and practicing networking skills and competencies essential to success in college and career. A variety of activities start the process of presenting oneself within a chosen industry and building a professional network. An informational interview with someone in the field provides insights and ideas for launching a career.

Programming Language: Advanced (PLA)

In previous courses students have obtained skills in the fundamentals of web programming. This course seeks to extend this basic knowledge by providing students with experience in using and manipulating preexisting web software packages.  In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of working with an open source blogging platform and content management system, WordPress. Focus will be on installing and configuring WordPress, using the backend to create a custom website, and creating and extending custom WordPress themes.

Programming Language: APIs (PLAPI)

This course is focused on server side scripting languages that interact with online databases. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared for upper level database design and implementation.

IOS Design With Sketch (IOSD 1110)

In this course you will learn how to use Sketch to create UI designs for iOS applications; making what used to be complex and confusing, now simple and effective. Thanks to Sketch, an app that is entirely focused on user interface design, you don’t need to worry about photo editing and the hundreds of other settings that are challenges to designing a simple application.

IOS Prototyping With Xcode (IOSP 1210)

In this course, we will be using Xcode’s Storyboard and Assets Catalog to quickly build functional prototypes that can be delivered on iOS, using designs built in Sketch.

IOS Application Development 1 Using Swift (IOSAD1 1311)

In this course, you will learn how to create native iOS or OS X applications using Apple’s new programming language, Swift, and their new development environment, Playgrounds.

IOS Application Development 2 Using Swift (IOSAD2 1411)

Swift Applications Development is a module that takes students into a more real-work development scenario using all the skills learned from Swift language, and integrating them with more standard Objective-C languages. By the end of the course, students will have their very own, unique, iOS application.

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