1. Current Students

Current Students

  1. Current Students

Our Student Services team offers a wide range of services to help you succeed with both the transition of coming to school, and the transition of becoming employed in your field after graduation.

We also plan student events throughout the year, as well as Orientation and Graduation, so we’re here as a resource for you during your entire program, and beyond that, we offer career support and resources for after you graduate as well!

We’ve listed a sampling below of what we offer in Student Services – stop by our on-campus office with any questions or to learn more and access any of our services.

Personal and Academic Coaching

We recognize that students often have multiple challenges in their lives, be it health, home life, personal relationships or employment. Should you have personal or academic issues that arise during your course of studies here at the Centre, you are strongly encouraged to make an individual coaching appointment.

These sessions can be very helpful as a sounding board, developing coping strategies or may refer you to other professional services within the community.

Financial Services

We administer the Student Emergency Fund through Student Services. For any questions on payments, student loans, and funding options, please talk to the Financial Aid Manager at your campus or visit our Financial Aid information pages for further information.

Career Preparation and Assistance

Career Services

  • Access to a variety of career-related materials
  • Workshops on career-related issues
  • Individual advising with regard to resumes, cover letters, and portfolios
  • Linking prospective employers to students
  • Collecting up-to-date industry-related information

Alumni Services

The Student Services department can also assist you following graduation. Visit our Alumni section for more information on these services and to find out how you can access them as a Centre for Arts and Technology grad.

Here are some examples of the services we provide to grads:

  • Assistance with your job search and access to job postings
  • Assistance with cover letters, resumes, and interview skills
  • Assistance with applying for the Student Loan repayment program
  • Graduate Access Program (GAP): This program allows access to the equipment/facilities in the student’s field of study after graduation. Please see the Office Manager if you are interested in this program. A deposit is required and students are contracted with a standard student enrolment contract.

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