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Full Scholarship. Yep, we’re not kidding. We said it, no takebacks. Are you ready? You could qualify for free tuition!

The future of creative careers is ever-evolving, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Centre for Arts and Technology will award scholarships to passionate Canadian high school students in grade 12 who are able to demonstrate their dedication to this growing creative landscape.    

Think you’ve got what it takes? Let’s get started, it’s easy!  

Submit your application in two simple steps to be considered for one of our Create Your Future Scholarships for High School students.  

  1. Apply for your full-time program
  2. Submit your scholarship application and supporting items*

*Complete scholarship details are found below.

Scholarship Application

Please note – applications are now closed for the 2023 Create Your Future Scholarship. Thank you to all who submitted. Stay tuned for winner announcement!

Complete Scholarship Details 

Please note the following terms: 

“Eligible” – meets all requirements to be considered for this scholarship award.  

“Scholarship” – Reduction in tuition amount. Depending on the tier awarded, the winner could receive a full scholarship or a $5,000 reduction in tuition.  

“CAT” – Centre for Arts and Technology  

Requirements for Scholarship Applicants (additional details in Terms and Conditions): 

Applicants to the Create Your Future Scholarship must: 

  • Submit a program application to a CAT full-time program
  • Pay the $150 full-time program application fee
  • Be a current grade 12 student in any secondary school in Canada (excluding Quebec) with Citizen or Permanent Resident Status
  • Complete the online scholarship application along with all supporting materials by established deadlines
  • Scholarship recipients agree to participate in marketing initiatives with Centre for Arts and Technology 

For complete details, please view the Terms & Conditions document

Important Dates:

Applications Open

Monday February 27th , 2023

Submission Deadline

Wednesday June 28th, 2023

Adjudication & Interview Period

Thursday June 29th – Thursday July 13th, 2023

Scholarship Winners Contacted Privately

Week of July 24th – July 28th, 2023

Scholarship Winners Announced Publicly

To Be Announced Soon!

Items Required for Application: 

Please note, the materials required for this scholarship are specific to the program you are applying for. Please ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the requirements prior to submitting your application.  

ALL Applicants Must: 

  1. Complete a full-time CAT Program online Application including payment of a $150 full-time application fee* 
  2. Complete an online application for a Create Your Future Scholarship  

Information required will include: 

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • High School name
  • A 1–2-minute video statement detailing**:
      Why you want to study photography, filmmaking, graphic design etc.
      What would it mean to you personally to win this scholarship
      What’s your dream job and why?
      Why should we pick you? 
  • Scholarship Portfolio (details per program below) 

*Application fee will be applied to books and supplies cost for scholarship winners.  
** Videos recorded on a smartphone are acceptable, but the video must show your face.  

Additional Requirement by Program:

Frequently Asked Questions