1. Digital Photography Part Time Courses

Digital Photography Part Time Courses

  1. Digital Photography Part Time Courses
Observing Light

Students will study light – from the very nature of what light is, to how we harness and control light in order to produce successful and intriguing photographs. – $199.00

Principles of Camera Operations

Principals of Camera Operation aims to familiarise students with camera language and technology. This course focuses on: camera operation and techniques, various camera equipment and accessories, fundamentals of photographic language, developing a photographic way of seeing and artistic expression and methods of composition for visual communication. – $199.00

Introduction to Computer Graphics

This foundation course provides a solid background in vector and bitmap graphics creation, translation skills, graphic file management, scanning, and format conversion necessary for every field of computer graphics. These applied skills get you underway in a variety of our core computer graphic applications which are used in ever-increasing levels of integration throughout the program. – $199.00

Photographic Categories

In this course students are introduced to a wide range of photographic types: from fashion to sports, to film set stills and everything in between. This will open students’ minds to the many different employment and career options within the realm of photography. – $199.00

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