Electronic Music Artist | Course Flow

Quarter 1

In this first quarter students are introduced to the foundational skills applicable in the audio industry and specifically to the electronic music artist industry. Students will learn theoretical knowledge in acoustics and how it applies to electronic equipment. Students will also be equipped with fundamental concepts and terminology in recording equipment and music theory. In Desktop Studio Production Tools and Setup students will be introduced to current trends and technologies used by music professionals and will prepare students for collaboration with others in the industry. Students will also be given the knowledge necessary to be competent with such industry standard software such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments Komplete.


Quarter 2

In the second quarter students will delve deeper into topics covered in the first quarter solidifying their knowledge base. Students will build on their basic understanding of marketing and the structure of the music industry and learn specific techniques and best practices for promotion, marketing and distribution of music on the internet. In Digital Performer, students will learn the ins and outs of the live show and cover topics such as beatmatching, phrasing and mixing tracks. Employability skills provides the space to explore the realities of the work world including resumes, interviews, case studies and more, with content tailored to student needs. Students will be armed with the knowledge to create music in different genres and styles and hone in on their own style and market segment. In Understanding Music for Engineers 2, students will elevate their knowledge and be introduced to new topics such as chords and progressions and melody writing.