Event & Promotions Management Courses - Course Flow - Kelowna

Quarter 1 

In your first quarter of Event & Promotions Management, you will gain a foundational understanding of event planning, such as event logistics, fundraising and sponsorship, objectives, feasibility studies, case studies, risk management, best practices, cash flow projections, determining the viability of an event, budget creation, documentation, and presentation skills. In Introduction to Computer Graphics, you will gain applied skills in core graphics applications which are used in increasing levels of integration throughout the program.

Quarter 2

In your second quarter, you will continue your hands on event planning training through successful implementation of a small-scale single-location event in the local community and under the mentorship of a professional event planner. You will learn about marketing through practical exercises and case studies that focus on entertainment industries, and apply your design skills (Design Studio) to create a personal brand for yourself. You will also learn the basics of selling (Sales, Negotiation and Sponsorship) and how to secure sponsorship for events, festivals, conventions and expositions.

Quarter 3

You will continue to explore the marketing and promotion of events in your third quarter, applying your skills to start planning a large-scale community event. You will be concurrently introduced to Project Management which is in high demand for professionals in many industries. Adding to this, you will focus on working with professional associations and building your Employability Skills such as personal management, communication, problem solving, adaptability, entrepreneurship and teamwork. You will also explore the key concepts and techniques involved in Internet marketing to give you the competitive edge to succeed in an online-driven economy. 

Quarter 4

In your final quarter, you will continue with the production and execution of the large-scale community event started in your third quarter. You will work through factors such as risk management and marketing with a special emphasis on fundraising techniques and practices as well as legal considerations in event planning such as laws and licensing, insurance, liabilities, intellectual property, rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, domain names, and e-commerce. You will also use what you’ve learned from the program and apply it to a practice and understanding of festivals management, which is a prominent employment option in the event and promotions industry.