Event & Promotions Management Part Time Courses

Business Communication and Media English

Business Communication and Media English prepares the students to write and speak professionally in a multi-cultural, technologically sophisticated corporate setting. Basic writing, proofreading skills, and clear business English are stressed. Students are taught to draft and evaluate a variety of letters, e-mails, memos, and reports as well as demonstrate oral communication skills in meetings, telephone calls and oral presentations. The assigned readings, together with the reinforcement exercises are the principle learning activities. – $199.00

Design Studio

This course begins a study of concepts and skills in commercial art and graphic design using industry-standard illustration, digital publishing and image editing applications. In today’s world, products need an edge to
differentiate themselves from other products. This is done through brand identity. Students will learn all aspects of creating a brand experience – from concept to application. – $199.00

Event Planning

This is an introductory course that examines the various elements involved in the event planning process. This course includes a general overview and discussion of event logistics, fundraising and sponsorship, objectives, feasibility studies, case studies, risk management, best practices, and the roles they play in the event planning and promotions process. – $199.00

Project Management

Project Management will introduce students to the concept that organizations are moving toward “project-based” management to get more done with fewer resources. As the demand for effective project managers continues to grow, more and more individuals find themselves with the “opportunity” to manage projects for the first time. This course is intended to provide students with the key concepts and fundamentals of traditional project management and how to apply them effectively. – $199.00

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