Fashion Design & Merchandising Courses - Course Flow - Kelowna

Quarter 1 

In your first quarter of Fashion Design & Merchandising, you will gain a foundational understanding of the complexities of the fashion and apparel industry, including how the industry operates in design, production, and merchandising. Through research, analysis and field study, you will discover the broad scope of the career possibilities in each facet of the fashion industry. You learn the basic sewing techniques of industrial garment assembly used around the world, and study colour, composition, balance, perspective, social context, and visual perception to help you understand the artistic direction of future clients and employers. 

Quarter 2

In your second quarter, you will examine the different types of fashion illustrations, basic human anatomy, the differences between normal body proportions and the fashion figure, and the relationship between perspective and proportion, and apply these techniques to layout and composition in fashion design. You will gain an introductory examination of design theory and techniques in womenswear, in conjunction with completing hands-on projects to develop your skills in apparel construction and pattern drafting. 

Quarter 3

You will continue to explore the design and assembly of basic garments in your third quarter, with a strong focus on colour theory and how it applies to womenswear.You will examine the textile industry, and gain the foundational knowledge required to match a design with appropriate fabrication, as well as the end uses, methods of colouration and printing, types of finishes, and appropriate care for various weaves, knits, fibre content, and fibre characteristics.  You will also examine the components of a fashion collection and how they are developed from concept to runway and learn about the rise of trends, forecasting, and the analysis of trends to identify their origins.  

Quarter 4

You will study the product development cycle in more depth in your fourth quarter - from inspiration to completed product – and learn the use of reverse timeline methods in order to adhere to timelines and deadlines in the fashion and apparel industry. You will advanced your knowledge of the components of a collection in the areas of fabrication, trim, and closures. You utilize your skecthing skills to effectively use illustration programs and vector graphics to create technical flats and fashion illustrations.

Quarter 5

In your fifth quarter, you will CAD (Computer Aided Design) training with the goal of enhancing your illustration skills to create more sophisticated technical flats, fashion illustration, mood board, trend presentations, and textile patterns. You will be introduced to effective draping methods and learn the skills required for basic foundation patterns. To start imagining what you'd like to specialize in, you will examine the various specializations of an apparel firm and how each is interrelated, with a focus on the overview of all the steps involved in the production of a commercial garment, from the initial garment to floor-ready. 

Quarter 6

Many students look forward to this quarter as it's where you will produce your first fashion show! You will work through budget, location, merchandising, promotion, and execution to produce this fashion show. This will also be in conjunction with your examination of advanced merchandising, where you will practice and apply your skills in grouping apparel for sales and marketing presentations, and for visual retail displays. Finally, you will apply your cumulative design knowledge with comprehensive market research in order to start creating the first several garments of your final collection, in your chosen area of specialization. 

Quarter 7

In quarter seven, you will study the business and financial operations in fashion, including an overview of the roles and responsibilities in the fashion and apparel industry worldwide, as well as the interrelationship between operations and business management, the role of management personnel, and decision-making. You will explore entrepreneurship as it pertains to the fashion and apparel industry, and develop marketing strategies with various sales, branding, and e-commerce techniques in mind. Finally, you will start the first half of your Portfolio Production Workshop where you will start to build out your final collection under the mentorship of your industry experienced instructors. 

Quarter 8

Your final quarter in the Fashion Design & Merchandising program is all about solidifying your skills, creativity, vision, and talent and putting it together in a final portfolio to show the world – and future clients and employers – what you can do. You will also complete graduation projects and a final fashion show in this quarter. The final fashion show is one of the biggest events of the year, one in which many programs across the school are involved in producing. It's an exciting showcase of your talent and a launch pad for you to debut your abilities to the world and enter the fashion industry with a bang!