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Fees & Tuition

Centre for Arts and Technology is committed to giving you the best possible experience throughout your relationship with us. This includes providing you with the most recent and up to date information regarding our fees and tuition and we encourage you to speak with one of our fantastic program advisors for all your tuition and fee related questions. Our program advisors are your first stop along the road to your career success and are committed to helping you from your first step right through to your graduation. To start the journey to your dream career in the digital arts please fill out our inquiry form and your personal program advisor will contact you. If you need to speak to someone immediately, you can always call our campus toll free at 1.866.860.2787 and speak to someone directly. Please see below for a basic outline of our fees and tutition amounts for all programs.*

We also have download-ready versions of Kelowna's tuition charts for your convenience. 

Domestic Tuition Download

International Tuition Download

Please visit our online payment page if you are looking to make a payment towards tuition or one of our workshops.

* Tuition amounts are subject to change, please contact a program advisor for updated tuition information. 

domestic tuition


international tuition

International Tuition - Centre for Arts and Technology