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Bryan Lonergan

My name is Bryan. I was an ironworker for 17 years but a workplace injury changed all that. I love all areas of graphic design but my favorite area is motion graphics. I love motion graphics so much because through the use of special effects and various techniques the possibilities of what one can come up with are only limited to one’s imagination. My future plans are to further develop my skills in all areas of design and get a job at a design agency to see how things work so that one day if I wanted maybe I could start my own. I am already on my way to that as I have a somewhat famous freelance client named Tito Tahan. Very soon he is launching a clothing brand that I collaborated with another artist to come up with the logo for. I still have some things left to do for that when he provides me with the imagery as well as a realty start up brand of his also. I think he is waiting to continue with that until his clothing line is all up and going but I have lots of stuff ready and waiting for him.

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