1. Graphic & Digital Design Part Time Courses

Graphic & Digital Design Part Time Courses

  1. Graphic & Digital Design Part Time Courses
Design Studio

This course begins a study of concepts and skills in commercial art and graphic design using industry-standard illustration, digital publishing and image editing applications. In today’s world, products need an edge to differentiate themselves from other products. This is done through brand identity. Students will learn all aspects of creating a brand experience – from concept to application. – $199.00

Internet Publishing

Using Adobe Dreamweaver, students will be able to create basic web pages and integrate introductory level Cascading Style Sheets (CSS ) with HTML. – $199.00

Foundation of Art and Design

Students will learn the practical skills and knowledge that are the foundation of visual art. Students will learn by completing drawing assignments designed to isolate the concepts and skills discussed in class. There will be a strong emphasis on drawing from observation. – $199.00

Introduction to Computer Graphics

This foundation course provides a solid background in vector and bitmap graphics creation, translation skills, graphic file management, scanning, and format conversion necessary for every field of computer graphics. These applied skills get you underway in a variety of our core computer graphic applications which are used in ever-increasing levels of integration throughout the program. – $199.00

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