1. Industry Relations

Industry Relations

  1. Industry Relations

Student and Alumni Job Opportunities, Internships and Volunteering

Centre for Arts and Technology believes in the value of strong connections with local, national, and international industry. We are active in fostering deep roots within our own local communities, searching for ways to better the lives of our students, staff, and civic partners. We encourage our student body, as well as our staff, to continually keep an eye out for new and exciting opportunities; employment prospects, internships, and other professional relationships.

In the event an opportunity arises for our students, our Industry Relations Placement Manager works closely with our current students, graduates, and local industry to find a suitable fit that is beneficial to both student or graduate and employer.

In that regard, if you see an opportunity to assist our students or graduates in their pursuit of a career or internship please contact us via the form below to facilitate a meeting. Your form details will be evaluated and when applicable, your information will be sent directly to students and/or alumni. Some opportunities are eligible for curriculum inclusion and you will be notified after providing the details below whether your opportunity was sent out directly to students and/or alumni or has been forwarded on to a Program Manager for further review. In addition, if your organization sees an opportunity to work with Centre for Arts and Technology as a professional partner, please send us your details along with a brief description of your vision through the form below. We look forward to establishing a partnership with you.


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