Interior Design Courses - Course Flow - Kelowna


In your first quarter of the Interior Design program, you will learn about graphic file management, core Interior Design graphic applications, business communications, and project management software to serve as a foundation for the remainder of your program. In Foundations of Interior Design, you will explore the evolution of imagery from primitive art through to today's digital creations, with a focus on the elemental themes in design, composition, and content. This will allow you to understand the artistic direction demanded by future clients. You will also study the history of architecture as an essential foundation for successful interior design practice as a source of inspiration for visual and psychological impact. 


In your second quarter, you will explore, and apply the elements involved in interior design during your Interior Design studio so you can work towards being able to create effective interior design solutions. In Design History, you will examine images, elements, and principles of design as they have evolved and developed through history so you can recognize, develop, and combine historical references in relation to your design practice. A large focus of this quarter is also developing your skills for accurate and efficient representation in both traditional (drawing, perspective sketching) and graphical communication methods, including architectural drafting techniques as they relate to Interior Design. 


In your third quarter, you will take a closer look into the human, environmental, "universal/barrier-free" aspects of Interior Design and space planning. Continuing your study of materials and components of interior spaces, you will learn through hands-on experimentation, independent and group research, visits to suppliers, and representative guest lecturers. Essential to the practice of Interior Design, you will explore the aesthetic goals relative to the health, safety, and well-being of the end user for any design scenario. You will get an introduction to building codes and construction methods with relation to design from the ground up.


In your fourth quarter, you will practice to the point of solidifying your skills in rendering and sketching techniques so that you can create visually accurate representations of everything from interior surfaces to single furnishings to large interior spaces. You will delve into the both creative and technical world of lighting (Introduction to Lighting) and building codes/construction (Building Systems). You will learn about the processes used by designers when faced with problem solving – such as programming and design considerations focusing on space allocations – while becoming proficient in conceptually representing information through bubble and matrix diagrams.


Your fifth quarter is all about Interior Design in relation to commercial spaces – how space planning affects productivity in the workplace, the variety of commercial finishes and furnishings, building systems for typical commercial spaces.  All of this will allow you to communicate effectively with your project team, which could be made up of contractors, building officials, engineers, architects and administrators.  You will also advance your skills in AutoCAD in this quarter, by producing design projects which will include a full set of working drawings in AutoCAD from elevations, sections, details, and floor plans, such as reflected ceiling plans, furniture plans, demolition plans and construction plans.


In this quarter you will really put your hands on skills to the grind in completing large scale residential and commercial projects, such as space planning for a 4200 square foot house and an undefined office space. You will be introduced to Google SketchUp and use it as a medium to create 3D models of projects for conceptual and presentation purposes. You will also learn about project management practices, as well as small business development and management (Business and Professional Practice).


In your second-to-last quarter, you will spend a large amount of your time working on group work and your final project, where you will of conceptual skills, refining their schematic design concepts, and preparing final working drawings. Through this hands-on work, you will also incorporate knowledge acquired during the program and give back to the community by contributing a final design solution. Coinciding with this work, you will gain an advanced level of understanding in building codes, sustainable design, and LEED management (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which you will apply towards your final graduation project. 


In your final quarter, you will complete your final project that will coincide with the area of interest you would like to pursue in Interior Design. You will develop a full set of working drawings – including floor plans, elevations, sections, and details – and present the final solution to faculty members and your "client". A large portion of this quarter will also be to finalize your Interior Design portfolio which will help you define your style, present yourself to potential employers, and gain contract or project based work after graduation.