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Digital Filmmaking

Learn everything there is to know about digital filmmaking from the Centre for Arts and Technology digital film school. At one of the leading digital film schools in Canada, our digital filmmaking program has established the reputation as “the filmmaker’s film school” allowing students to work with our industry pros while gaining valuable knowledge and industry insights.

If you’ve always loved movies, and the idea of telling stories through the magic of filmmaking keeps you up at night, then the Centre for Arts and Technology digital film school is right for you. You know that a successful film production relies on much more than the director and talent under the spotlight. You understand that every crewmember, from grips to set decorators, plays an important role in the final product that hits the screen. Are you ready to dive into one of these exciting roles and say “Action!” to your career in film?

Graduates of the Digital Filmmaking program from one of the leading digital film schools in Canada go on to careers locally and all around the world. You could launch your career as a:

  • Camera Operator/Director of Photography (DOP)
  • Lighting Technician
  • Production Assistant
  • Locations Audio
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Director/Assistant Director
  • Independent or Documentary Filmmaker
  • Editor
  • Grip/Gaffer
  • Production Designer


British Columbia has one of the largest film industries in North America, which continues to expand yearly. Centre for Arts and Technology has developed a reputation as “the filmmaker’s film school”. The reason? All of our students get the chance to direct at least one of their own short films, and gain experience on both small independent film shoots and larger budget productions.

Your instructors at Centre for Arts and Technology film school are top pros who have worked their way up the rungs of the film industry ladder, collecting valuable knowledge and industry insights along the way. You’ll gain from their wisdom regarding every aspect of film production. Your days at one of the leading digital film schools in Canada will be spent in our custom-built production studio, industry-quality editing labs, and working as crewmembers on the sets of local productions.

In just 18 months, this accelerated program will teach you: Production Planning—Budgeting—Screenwriting for Narrative Films—Cinematography—Lighting, Composition and Framing—Film Blocking and Staging Casting and Directing—Digital Technology—Post Production and Editing with Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Pro Tools—Proposal Writing, Financial Backing, Marketing and Distribution—Promotion and Film Festival Submission.


“Centre for Arts and Technology had everything I hoped for: a small class size, one-on-one attention, and dedicated instructors. I get to make art every day and it never feels like work. For all you potential students—be prepared to make something awesome out of your life. Anyone who takes this course is in for a real treat.”

–     Carly Sappier

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