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Electronic Music Production

Sound has always captivated you. You love creating beats that make people get up and move. The idea of creating soundscapes that change people’s lives is the ultimate goal. You know what you want to do…but until now you never thought you could turn your passion into a real career. The truth is, the music industry needs people just like you! Get the training and guidance you need to take it to the next level as a professional.

The Electronic Music Production program will prepare you for these careers:

  • Sound Designer and Music Producer
  • MIDI Programmer
  • Sound and Music Composer
  • Sound Effects and Dialogue Editor
  • Audio/Visual and Multimedia Producer

Audio Engineering College Kelowna – Electronic Music Production

Electronic Music Production is an accelerated program offered through our Audio Engineering department. This course is tailor-made for anyone interested in audio and music production with a special focus on digital music production, recording, mixing and arranging.

The best part? Technology has opened the door for new artists to create music right from their own home studios. So whether you want to be a freelance or salaried music producer, create beats for a DJ, or work in the film, game, or television industry—the right training and technical skills will allow you to use your own computer as the hub of your digital music creation.

In just 12 months, you’ll master the skills, software, and equipment you need to break into the biz, including: Logic—Pro Tools—MIDI—Music Composition and Theory—Recording and Mixing—Professional Development—Music Arranging and Scoring—Career Management.

Instructors at Centre for Arts and Technology will nurture your talent and show you how to get started in the industry from day one. With their help, you’ll build your own professional demo reel, and learn how to produce, market and sell your music. You’ll become familiar with the ins and outs of project management, problem solving, business networking, and career management, to prepare you for the business side of the job. Best of all, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of electives from our extensive Audio Engineering & Production program to strengthen your experience. 

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