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Studio Production

Your friends have always considered you the audiophile of the bunch. Your music library is flawless with every song in crystal clear resolution, and EQ’d for perfectly balanced sound. The debate of vinyl versus digital is something you’ve shared your opinion on more than once, and you know that the producer of an album is every bit as important as the talent on the other side of the microphone. Are you ready to amp up your audio career?

The Studio Production program offers you practical knowledge for careers including:

  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • MIDI Programmer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Professional or Home Recording Studio Manager/Operator

Studio Production training kelowna

The Studio Production program focuses primarily on the magic that happens behind the mixing board. Technology has spurred on an explosion in the audio industry. Talented individuals are no longer limited to positions at major studios. With new software and breakthroughs in affordable equipment, audiophiles can now set up their own studios and production houses. Here are just a few of the business ventures and satisfied employers who have hired our Studio Production graduates:

Signature Sound • Frequent Seas Productions • Monarch Studios • Bering Music • Chinook Animation

Centre for Arts and Technology realizes that the keys to your success are the best and most qualified instructors, and hands-on training with the very latest equipment. Here, you won’t just spend time in a classroom; you’ll be behind the sound and mixing boards in our state-of-the-art studios. You’ll mix and master real productions, learn the ins and outs of the business, and create your own demo reel to market your talents. As a Studio Production student, you may also enroll in elective classes to enhance your training.

In just 12 short months, you’ll develop your skills in these key areas: Analog/Digital Studio Operations—Pro Tools HD—Recording and Mixing in Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound—Music Production with On-site Artists—Live Sound—Wiring, Equalization, Mixing and Mastering—Music Theory, Composition and Arrangement—Scoring for Film Soundtracks.


“The creative environment at Centre for Arts and Technology helped me focus on my goals and find the right path in the industry for me, as well making life-long friends and contacts along the way.”

- Max Drinkwater


Locations Offered


Suite 100 – 1632 Dickson Ave.
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2
(866) 860-2787