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Web Development

The evolution of social media, digital arts, and the online business experience has increased the demand for Web development professionals who are comfortable operating on the cutting edge of technology and are able to navigate an ever- changing industry. Digital media and online application development integrate what were traditionally isolated industries and applications. This is creating many new opportunities and applications for Web developers. 

In only 6 months, the Web Development program at Centre for Arts and Technology will equip you with entry-level, in-demand, specialized training in Web scripting/programming, integration, and database connectivity. This program will give you the foundation knowledge and skills that you can use to develop your portfolio after graduation and work towards a career in this field. 

 Some of the careers you can pursue include:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Support
  • Interactive Designer
  • Multimedia and Web Designer


The Centre's Web Development program will effectively equip you with the necessary foundation to enter the digital media industry. Graduates of this program will be versed in server-side programming, web application programming, including JavaScript and AJAX, advanced programming languages, and more. 

Those looking to further develop their specializations can continue their educational experience with the Graphic and Digital Design Diploma program where they will learn artistic fundamentals and advanced techniques in the field of graphic design. These concepts, partnered with your knowledge of Web Development will give you a versatile skill set and ensure a quick entry into this industry.

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Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2
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