1. Animation Portfolio Launchpad

Animation Portfolio Launchpad

  1. Animation Portfolio Launchpad

Launch your animation career in our intensive portfolio program. Through the foundation of creating traditional art for animation, discover the beastly talent and passion that lies within you. If what you crave is the discovery of your chosen career path or to enhance your artistic abilities, then let us take this opportunity to demonstrate what greater goals lay before you in our programs and a career in animation.

What Will You Do?

  • Perspective drawing
  • Drawing from observation
  • Rendering techniques for light/shadow
  • Human form and proportion drawing
  • Tips on presenting your work professionally

Where Will You Do This?

Centre for Arts and Technology – Landmark 3 Technology Centre – Suite 100 – 1632 Dickson Ave., Kelowna BC

When Will You Do This?

January, April, July or October (Evenings and Weekends)

Ready To Launch Your Animation Portfolio?

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